Health system audit to develop plan for second phase of medical reform – Stepanov



Health system audit to develop plan for second phase of medical reform - Stepanov

A health system audit is required to develop a plan for the second phase of medical reform.

This was announced by Health Minister Maxim Stepanov during a briefing on COVID-19, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“The media now widely disseminate our reports on the audit of the health system. I would like to emphasize that our audit, which we started as part of the introduction of the second stage of the reform, shows a very alarming signal. We are in constant contact with health services, hospitals and receive information from the field. What do we see? We see that somewhere there is a plan to cut health workers by the end of the year, somewhere to cut wages, somewhere where they start sending our medical workers on leave without pay. I want to be frank and say that there are miscalculations in medical reform, what needs to be done, what type of plan we will have and how we will get out of it. How we will start the reform, and above all, how we will end it, this reform, “said Stepanov.

He noted that for this today, just after the briefing, he is going to the Kiev region to visit three hospitals and speak with doctors and patients to hear their opinion.

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“We must complete the reform without reducing the medical staff, not only the existing salaries, but our medical staff will have much more.” And most importantly, we must finish to have a medicine that we will be proud of, that we will count on, a medicine that will help us 100%. And it all depends on the measures that we will take now, in stage 2 of the reform, “said the Minister.

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