Heat in Ukraine: Ministry of Health demands not to drink alcohol



Heat in Ukraine: Ministry of Health demands not to drink alcohol

Heat in Ukraine: Ministry of Health demands not to drink alcohol

06/28.2020 17:45


Heat increases the health risks of drinking alcohol.

This was reported by the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

“According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every year 3 million people worldwide die from alcohol abuse and 13.5% of all deaths in the 20-39 age group are related to alcohol, “said the report.

In particular, according to doctors, due to alcohol consumption, there is a risk of dehydration: in heat, the body loses water, which improves alcohol – it acts as a diuretic, it that is, it forces the kidneys to remove the water and not retain it.

In addition, alcohol makes it even hotter. “Because of alcohol, the brain estimates a worse internal body temperature. Alcohol therefore seems to be heating up. The skin vessels dilate. But the air is also hot and the desired cooling does not occur, ”says the report.

After taking alcohol, the risk of heart attack temporarily increases, because under the heat, the electrolytes precious for the work of the heart are excreted: potassium, sodium. “It is difficult for the heart to work in such conditions. From heat and vasodilation, the pressure can drop significantly and even cause dizziness. People with a sick heart should never be drunk in hot weather, ”said the health center.

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In addition, doctors pay attention to the fact that alcohol and outdoor activities are incompatible. “Because of the high temperature, we are more likely to get drunk: the reaction slows down, the coordination of movements, attention, the ability to properly assess our own abilities and the situation around getting worse. Thus, it is possible to harm not only yourself, but also others, ”says the message.

Therefore, the DSP noted that the best alcoholic drink on hot days was the lack of alcohol, and urged to remember that there is no safe dose of alcohol.

“Drinking alcohol is bad for the cardiovascular system (causes hypertension, increases the risk of stroke). In addition, eight different types of cancer and other serious illnesses are associated with alcohol: cirrhosis, hepatitis, pancreatitis. Like tobacco, alcohol is addictive, “the report said.

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