Helena Bonham Carter spoke of the harassment of Harvey Weinstein: “There was no compassion in him”



Helena Bonham Carter and Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein, 68-year-old former producer, is serving a 23-year prison sentence (in March of this year, the court found that two episodes of a high-profile case turned out), and his name continues to appear in the press. Many actresses who worked with him shared unpleasant memories of him in the media, and Helena Bonham Carter, 53, decided to join them. In a recent interview, she shared her story.

In Louis Theroux’s Speaking on Grounded podcast, she recalled how she refused Weinstein’s refusal to try to flirt with her.

Helena Bonham Carter and Harvey Weinstein I, of course, did not know that he was persecuting women against their will, I did not know about rape. He assaulted me, but I said no categorically, and that’s it. I saw how he mistreated certain people, there was no compassion in him, that’s what bothered me, “said Carter.

She remembered how Weinstein would have tried to massage her neck, but Helena pushed him away and pulled away. The actress said that she did not feel dependent on an influential producer, I already had a career. Other people offered me a job. “I was not counting on him,” she said of Weinstein.

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