Here’s how multiple devices will be managed on WhatsApp


Latest beta Whatsapp, 2.20.152, presents a new clue about what will probably be the most relevant news that we will see in the well-known instant messaging application in the second half of 2020.

We talked about this for several months, with the beta version 2.20.143 the first official results were obtained (click here for more details), and now one more step is taken to manage several devices on Whatsapp, More precisely, a new item has been added to the menu with the title “Connected devices“. Selecting it, a message will appear, which you will find in the photo below, and it emphasizes how you can add an additional device to continue using the application.

The description is obviously not complete (applies only to your browser, computer, or Facebook), but will certainly be updated in future releases. Not only is the screen not present by default in the new beta, but it was probably activated by the developers WABetaInfo after finding it between the lines of code.

In short, there are no specific deadlines for the arrival of functionality multi-device on whatsapp but development seems to be going in the right direction. To enjoy the preview of the “official” race, users will still be enrolled in the beta program (to participate you will have to click this link)


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