High treason: the court ordered the public prosecutor to open criminal proceedings against deputies of the OPZZh



The Prosecutor General’s Office is expected to investigate the journey of MPs from the opposition platform – for life in the Russian Federation.

“HMW” delegates in the Russian Federation. Stock Photo –

This is reported by the “NPF” referring to Facebook People’s Deputy of the “Voice” of Solomiya Bobrovskaya.

The elected official said that the Pechersk district court in Kiev had forced the UCP to register criminal proceedings for the removal of the people’s deputies from “OPZZh” to a meeting of the Russian State Duma.

“According to the court decision, the Office of the Attorney General is required to submit to ERDR statements on the crime committed by” HRE “deputies, namely high treason. I hope no one has forgotten how these Ukrainian politicians went to Moscow in person to meet Putin and the deputies of the Russian Federation? “

Bobrovskaya added that the judge’s decision indicated that such a trip could indeed be considered a crime.

We will recall, earlier, that we had reported that the head of “OZZh” had reprimanded Zelensky because of the Russian language.



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