Hitler in Russia became a war hero: a great scandal broke out on social networks



A curious incident occurred in the Russian Federation on the occasion of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Second World War. Someone sent a portrait of Hitler to the supermarket chain, signing it with Vladimir Vladimir Sumin. The management of the Cosmos shopping center published this portrait and signed at the end: “Let the heroes know the city!”

Adolf Hitler.
Adolf Hitler. Photo –

This information was reported by a Ukrainian blogger and political scientist. Alexey Golobutsky in his Facebook, reports “MFN”.

“Oops … In Yuzhnouralsk, embarrassment happened with victory. Suddenly, people heroically met Adolf Aloizovich Hitler. They also called him Sumin Vladimir Vladimirovich. Of course, they shaved it a bit – and forward with the song. It happened without any questions. Very quickly noticed a catch. Victory is a disease, indeed. It’s incurable, ”said the blogger.

Oops … In Yuzhnouralsk, I can say a fakap with victorious viyshov: in the lava chain of dudivals, they raped a heroic with rape …

Gepostet von Oleksiy Petrovich Golobutsky am Donnerstag, May 7, 2020

Social media users rated the joke with Hitler. Many have written positive comments about the person who designed this. Although, of course, many people know that Adolf Hitler is one of the most terrible dictators of the last century.

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