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Gyms across the country are closed to prevent the spread of the epidemic. But if you show a little creativity and look around, in your house you can easily find different types of items.

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Staying fit can be one of your top priorities, but doing so during a coronovirus outbreak is difficult. Gyms across the country are closed to prevent the spread of the epidemic. But if you show a little creativity and look around, in your home you can easily find a wide variety of items that will keep you in shape during this difficult time.

  1. Chair

Get a strong chair and place it where you can train. Start your workout with push-ups. Place your hands on the chair seat and do some push-ups. Then try to rest your toes on the chair seat and push your hands off the floor.

The chair can also be used to bend and extend the leg while seated. The best thing about these exercises is that you can watch your favorite show even while doing them!

  1. Bag

Everyone has an old bag at home. you can use it. To make it harder, fill the backpack with all kinds of items. Old books, utensils, beer bottles that you had not yet given time to drink will be for drinking during quarantine. As soon as the backpack becomes heavy enough, keep it on your shoulders and do squats, push-ups and other exercises in any corner of the house.

  1. Instead of dumbbells

Try replacing dumbbells with household items such as paint cans, detergent bottles, cast iron panes and the like. You can always find something weighty. Hold objects in each hand and start exercising such as lifting biceps, straightening your arms, standing in a tilt, lifting in front and bench press.

  1. The books

We are talking about weighty books. Keep a hardback book on your chest while doing abdominal curls to increase weight. Also, try to lay your hands on your back, holding the book above you. Using your abdominal muscles, try to remove your shoulders from the floor. Or sitting in a chair, move your legs forward and place a heavy book on your shin. Slowly raise and lower your legs.

  1. The stairs

Walking and walking up and down stairs provides excellent cardio training. If you want to add weight, place a backpack full of heavy objects on your shoulders and train more efficiently. You can also use ladders for push-ups, various stretch marks, etc.

  1. rope

A rope with a length of two and a half meters is ideal. It can be used instead of traction on the lower block, folding of the body with the upper block, and elastic band expander for one time with leg raises.

In addition, the rope will help you stretch before and after your workout.

  1. Wall

Each house has at least four walls which provide an excellent opportunity for stretch marks and other exercises. It is not easy to squat against a wall, but they are a good way to train your quadriceps and buttocks. Just stand with your back to the wall and slowly lower yourself into a sitting position, trying to hold it for a minute.

  1. Disposable plates

Cardboard plates are ideal because there is sliding support for some workouts.

Stand on the floor with one foot on a plate, bending the other leg at an angle, back and forth that leg.

  1. a towel

Towels elastic tape, gymnastics mats or, finally, they can wipe sweat from the face after training.

Wrap a towel around the door handle, stand in front of the door, lean back, spread arms and hold the towel, pulling yourself towards the door until you touch the handle with your chest.

  1. In place of a barbel

First of all you need to find a solid metal or wooden strip that can withstand the weight. Paint buckets are great for weight. Empty buckets can be filled with some heavy items.

Use homemade weight for deadlifts, squats, lifts and lugs.


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