Honda halts production in five countries due to cyber attack


The company claims that a hacker attack had minimal impact on his business

Honda stopped production due to cyber attack. Photo:

Japanese automaker Honda has announced the suspension of production of some models of cars and motorcycles worldwide in connection with the cyber attack on Monday.

Honda, which manufactures motorcycles, cars, generators and lawn mowers, reported an external attack on one of its servers, which then spread the virus to the company’s network. As a result, the operation of servers, e-mail and other internal systems of automobile concern suffered. The company was forced to suspend the work of factories in the UK, USA, Turkey, Italy and Japan. In total, the automaker has more than 400 branches worldwide, employing approximately 220 thousand people.

At the same time, Honda claims that no data was stolen from the company and the hacker attack had minimal impact on its business.

Morgan Wright, senior cyber security adviser at Sentinel One, believes that hacking a Honda server is like a ransomware attack.

“This is similar to the use of acnes ransomware. Acnes or snake ransomware is designed to attack a network of industrial control systems. The fact that Honda suspended production and sent workers home indicates a disruption in their production systems, ”the expert said.

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Earlier, we wrote that the European Union may impose cyber sanctions against hackers of the Russian Federation. EU diplomats intend to ban those responsible for cyber attacks on the German Bundestag. On 5 May, the local prosecutor’s office issued an international arrest warrant for Russian Dmitry Badin. He is suspected as a member of APT 28 in a hacker attack on the German parliament in April – May 2015.

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