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Reading the news these days gives freedom from perseverance. This is similar to voluntarily substituting a head under the hit of a heavy boxer. However, there is a lot of news indicating that a whole group of really very smart and capable people attack and visualize coronoviruses from all directions, demonstrating inspiring success

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Reading the news these days gives freedom from perseverance. This is similar to voluntarily substituting a head under the hit of a heavy boxer. However, there is a lot of news indicating that a whole group of really very smart and capable people attack the coronovirus from all directions and, imagining it, displays inspiring success.

Hope of victory over epidemic

  1. Cheap generic drugs can dominate an epidemic

According to some scientists, in order to gain time, we should focus more on drugs that strengthen the body as a whole (for example, which cause blood vessels to reduce fluid flow to the lungs. Are formed), not those that kill the virus. This idea is unpopular for several reasons simultaneously. The first and main one is that we are talking about the so-called “generics” (a generic drug containing a chemical substance is an active pharmaceutical ingredient similar to a patent by the parent pharmaceutical company, approx. Mixstuff), which is used a lot Is less profitable. For pharmaceutical companies. However, an increasing number of scientists are of the opinion that this idea deserves attention.

  1. A vast array of DNA data thrown into the fight against coronavirus

Over the past decade, the British biobank (a bio-repository that stores biological samples for use in research) has been monitoring the health status of half a million volunteers, taking blood, urine and saliva samples from them. Currently, all information related to Kovid 19 has been uploaded to Biobank, which turns it, according to the research manager, into a “gold mine for real scientists”.

  1. Even if we are not able to conduct a nationwide test, the answer will be available … in waste water

More than a dozen research groups are searching for RNA viruses in urban sewage systems. The number of these RNAs will make it possible to find out how many people in a particular locality are infected without mass testing. In addition, continuous monitoring of the chemical composition of wastewater can be an effective way to quickly obtain information about the presence of coronaviruses in the future.

  1. subsidiary company Fujifilm has developed an ultrafast coronovirus test

Current tests currently take four to six hours. However, on 15 April, it was reported that the Japanese company WakoPureChemicalCorp, a subsidiary of Fujifilm, released test kits to get the results in just two hours.

  1. Europe competes with coronovirus

The number of new diseases is decreasing in Italy, Spain and throughout Europe. In this regard, the government is considering reducing the segregation regime. Spain also allowed some construction companies and heavy machinery to return to work from 20 April.

  1. Australian scientists complete clinical trials against several drugs Covid -19

Clinical trials are investigating the effectiveness of existing drugs for the treatment of Kovid-19, and these trials will be completed in early May. This is possible because antiviral drug testing takes many times less than vaccines.

  1. Israeli placenta stem cell treatment rescues six out of six critically ill patients

Four of them have improved respiratory functions, and three are already close to getting rid of mechanical ventilation. The next step is multinational clinical trials.

  1. The US Food and Drug Administration has authorized the use of a disinfection process that will allow the reuse of protective medical masks

Most of the masks are designed for single use, so this is a very important event. Disinfection equipment is available at 6,300 US clinics, so doctors can begin the process immediately. This would give rise to the fact that over 4 million disposable masks in the United States would gain new life, and the shortage of this product could be overcome.

  1. Smart Mirror helps to wash your hands regularly and correctly.

The MiazaMirror interactive device recognizes the user’s hands and ensures that the hygiene protocol adopted by the World Health Organization is strictly followed. An unpublished study conducted by the inventor of this mirror showed that 98 percent of device users follow the WHO protocol, compared to only 43 percent of those using traditional mirrors.

  1. To date, seventy coronovirus vaccines are being developed in the world, and three of them are already undergoing clinical trials.

It usually takes 10 to 15 years to develop a vaccine. Researchers are working at an unprecedented rate so that the Kovid-19 vaccine is available by 2021.

  1. WHO connects hospitals in ninety countries to international clinical trials of four treatments

The World Health Organization’s target clinical trial, dubbed “Solidarity”, is 80 percent faster than regular randomized testing. The unprecedented scale and scope of work provides an unprecedented intensity in the creation and processing of incoming information.

  1. Shipping containers can solve the shortage of intensive care rooms

A group of more than a hundred architects and engineers, led by a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, are working on a method to convert freight containers into intensive care units. Why container? They are cheap to mass produce and can be easily transported to any “hot spot” in the shortest time possible.



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