Horrible deity: scientists have found a place of worship for a scary anthropomorphic creature


Rock drawing



In Iran, scientists have discovered an unprecedented ancient religion with an extremely unusual object of worship.

Rock drawing
Rock art. Photo –

This publication reports “Russian jew“, Reports” MFN “.

The inhabitants of a northern province have chosen for themselves as a deity a creature which resembles a mixture of a person with a praying mantis. This unusual discovery seriously alters the history of the religious development of humanity and Iran in particular. The image of the deity was found on a rock, its approximate age is four thousand years.

Archaeologists note the uniqueness of the discovery. The reason is that the ancestors of humans extremely rarely painted invertebrates. The size of the image is quite small, it is only 14 centimeters. The real miracle was that such an unusual artifact was found by mankind after such a long time. Experts point out that four thousand years is only the estimated minimum age of discovery. It is possible that she is already over 10,000 years old.

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