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Zoom is not the safest service, but is subject to many rules, its use is quite acceptable.

What you need to know about zoom protection: how to use it properly and what are the weaknesses

The coronovirus epidemic brought many completely new technologies to life – if more than 10 million people had previously used the video conferencing service under the Outlandish name Zoom, their number would have risen by a factor of twenty today. And continues to grow rapidly.

Suddenly, a video call service rose to the top of user Olympus and ranked first among the most popular applications in most developed countries. However, not only has the service grown in popularity – Zoom’s security suspicions are increasing every day.

Penny account

First, the service has already leaked valuable information – users’ personal data not only fell into the wrong hands, but were put up for sale. After Cybble experts announced the sale of half a million Zoom accounts for ridiculous money ($ 0.0020 each) to the hacker forums behind the internet, it’s hard to say whether the service’s security policy worked well.

Meanwhile, several video recordings of Zoom users have appeared on YouTube and Vimeo video services, including schoolchildren classes, individual psychotherapy sessions, online consultations with doctors, and even corporate meetings and meetings. In the video call, the voice is heard and the children’s personal data, financial information about the business, patients’ names and phone numbers are disclosed.

Yes, Zoom does not record video on its own, but users can do it without the consent of other conference participants. The records were probably saved using Zoom services and were in online storage without the use of a password.

What you need to know about zoom protection: how to use it properly and what are the weaknesses

Not the first damn

If you think such problems started with the company following the huge influx of users after the outbreak of the epidemic, it is worth noting that this is not the case. In July last year, cybersecurity experts discovered that a malicious website could open a zoom video call on Mac computers without the user’s permission.

The company quickly fixed its software and removed the vulnerability-causing local web server. But then, in January, a new security issue appeared – experts at Check Point Research published a report on a new flaw that would allow hackers to sneak in on the call.

Each zoom call had a randomly generated identification number ranging from 9 to 11 digits, but it did not prevent hackers from secretly joining large groups and was unnoticed by the participants of the conversation, which ” Used to “hide” in the crowd. This was not interfered with, as the number was not encrypted for entry.

But Zoom’s biggest omission was the situation with users sorting by email. The problem was setting up a “company directory” zoom, which automatically adds other people to the user’s contact lists if they are registered with an email address that is in the same domain.

This was to simplify the search for a specific affiliate when the domain belongs to a different company. But Zoom users quickly noticed that after entering a personal e-mail address that wasn’t associated with any company, Zoom itself offered contacts and personal data to thousands of people, as if they all worked at the same company. Used to do

What you need to know about zoom protection: how to use it properly and what are the weaknesses

Among other things, a new popular movement of mass trolling called “zombombing” from the words “zoom” and “bombardment” originated in social networks. The uninvited guests of the video conference of others participating in the movement become uninvited and do everything to disrupt the meeting or conversation. Sometimes it is harmless trolling, but often reaches the level of chase.

Ray of Hope

So, is it possible to at least protect yourself from the many lapses of zoom? Because in the near future no one will be surprised if someone’s accounts appear on the empty Times Square screen.

  1. For starters – stay tuned Install update Zoom applications. The only thing the company has been successful so far is that weaknesses found in it can be removed.
  2. Do not record an appointment. If you still decide to record, keep the video in a password protected cloud storage or download it to your PC.
  3. Turn off File transfer function, Because infected links and data are often sent over chat.
  4. Best of all – use zoom Mobile devices onlyFor example on an iPad or Android phone, as these versions are being tested in the App Store.
  5. Make New identifier For each meeting you start using the options panel, not your personal meeting ID.

The main and most important advice is not simply to use Zoom for important and confidential conversations, for this it is better to resort to instant messengers with end-to-end encryption. And for a casual chat with colleagues and a travel spot with friends for the bar, the Zoom is quite appropriate – as a tool for a mutual conversation space, the program works really well.

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