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The world is slowly returning to normal, quarantine life. And although masks, gloves, antiseptics and social distance will stay with us for a long time, people return to offices, start using public transport and visit friends on the summer rooftops of cafes. Throughout this time, make the passengers worry about this question – when will it be possible to go on a long-awaited trip abroad?

On 15 June, Ukraine resumed regular flights abroad. However, it is a delight for those who plan not to miss the tourist season this summer. Some flights were canceled almost immediately, some air carriers temporarily stopped selling tickets, and the list of countries still willing to accept Ukrainians is still small.

Which countries are already giving Ukrainians:

  • Albania, United States – No border restrictions
  • UK – 14-day quarantine
  • Turkey – without border restrictions and tests on arrival.

In addition, on 27 June we will be able to fly to Tunisia (with tests on arrival), and if the epidemic situation improves from 1 July, Ukraine will open air contact with Cyprus, Montenegro, Georgia and Greece. Will consider the possibility of.

The European Union, in turn, has lifted the ban for travel only within the Schengen area since 15 June. In particular, Belgium were opened by Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Italy. Spain will join them on 21 June. But for Ukrainians, this means that our fellow citizens who legally reside in these countries will be able to relocate within the Schengen area. For the rest, the conditions can be revised as early as July 1 if Ukraine meets certain criteria (number of new infections per 100,000 population, upward trend in number of new cases, number of tests performed, etc.) Simultaneously answers by removing restrictions from the country. Entry of citizens from the European Union.

For return to Ukraine (or entry for foreigners). Health Ministry compiled List of countries With a significant spread of COVID-19 and it was divided into two regions: red and green. In the first, there are states with a significant prevalence of COVID-19, in which the number of active cases of the disease is more than 40 people per 100 thousand. In the green area of ​​the country, where this indicator is less than 40 patients.

The part of the table in which the countries of the world are gathered and divided into “red” and “green” regions

Ukraine itself is in the Green Zone with an indicator of 37 cases per 100 thousand people. Poland, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Albania, Cyprus, Denmark are also in this list. But Lal has such popular countries among Ukrainians like Great Britain, USA, Netherlands, Belarus, United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Spain, France, Italy, Malta, etc. Upon arrival from the Red Zone, people will need to perform self-isolation / observation for 14 days. When coming from the Green Zone, self-isolation cannot be passed.

What to do for Ukrainians traveling abroad: Foreign Ministry recommendations

Given the current state of the world, the Foreign Ministry now recommends avoiding traveling outside Ukraine without any special requirements. And for those who still plan to travel abroad, the Ministry of External Affairs published A number of recommendations.

1. First of all, make sure that you can actually travel. For this:

  • If you have booked a trip through an airline, travel agency or operator, check the current status of quarantine in the country and check the status of your reservation;
  • Study the terms of your insurance policy, making sure that it covers losses that could occur in an emergency, including a coronovirus infection;
  • Take care of the availability of additional funds in case of emergency (need to cancel return flights and purchase new tickets, being forced to stay in the country longer than planned dates, etc.). More information about financial advice – later in the article;
  • Necessary “personally safe” medicines with you – in case of forcible delay abroad;
  • Check your health before traveling. This is especially true for older people and people with chronic diseases.

2. If you are in a country where new cases of COVID-19 are registered:

  • Register on FRIEND web resource – Therefore Ukrainian Consul will see information about you in a digital database;
  • Take extra care and precautions;
  • Avoid visiting the affected areas
  • Follow all messages from local authorities and comply with voice requirements;
  • Follow the recommendations on the Foreign Ministry website.

3. If you have health problems or are life-threatening abroad, contact the “Hot Line” at the nearest diplomatic institution in Ukraine (The list)

Pespace Magazine Travel Tips for Travel Abroad

Experienced travelers plan many aspects in advance – book accommodation, round-trip tickets, airport transfers or car rentals, purchase insurance. We have also collected some important financial tips to help you travel.

1. When traveling, make cashless payment a priority.

This is a universal tip that has become even more relevant during the coronovirus epidemic. Cashless is not only convenience, but also security. Carry several bank cards with you on one trip (try to distribute them equally between them, so that if you lose a card, you won’t be left without money at all). Add your card to your mobile wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay are the most popular of them) and pay securely with one touch on your smartphone where NFC payments are accepted.

Premium card holders often enjoy additional airport benefits such as priority passes and business lounges. This is a huge advantage in an epidemic. Perhaps before traveling you should contact the bank and find out the conditions for issuing such cards.

However, despite the convenience and security of cashless payments, carry cash with you on the trip. Indeed, while in many countries it is impossible to do this without paper money, they pay for travel and small purchases.

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2. Bring funds with you with margin in case of emergency. But most of them keep – non-cash.

3. Warn the bank about going abroadTo avoid blocking the card. If the bank notices a suspicious transaction with your card, it can immediately block it. You can get a new card only when you come to Ukraine.

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4. Avoid cash withdrawal at ATMs and enable online banking.

The cash withdrawal fee at the ATM will be established by the bank which will set up the ATM and the bank servicing your card. Also, if you have the currency of your account different from the currency in which you withdraw money from ATM then you can spend a lot on currency conversion. Therefore, share the money for the trip in cash in the country you are going to.

To add online banking, it will allow you to quickly track expenses on the card and respond in a timely manner if they are beyond the planned budget. In addition, online banking allows you to quickly block credit cards in case of theft.

5. Do not buy cheap travel tours – These may be the scammers who have made the move in recent months. In addition, flights are still canceled, reservations have been canceled – only by working with trusted partners can you transfer your trip or receive a refund.

Only you decide whether to travel to countries that have already opened their borders to tourists in this severe summer. If the trip is planned, we recommend that you follow the recommendations of the Ministry of External Affairs and follow the financial advice from our article.

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