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Thanks to cooperation with Ukrposhta, Novaya Poshta and Justin, targeted delivery of medical goods has become a new norm for the country.

With the onset of quarantine in Free delivery of drugs to all settlements in Ukraine via courier services. Thanks to collaborations with Ukrposhta, Novaya Poshta and Justin, the pharmacy has made targeted delivery of medical goods a new norm for the country. The editors of PaySpace magazine decided to find out how it all began and what difficulties the team faced.

Ukraine still has considerable business sectors that have been virtually unchanged over the years – the pharmaceutical business being a classic example. It should be recognized that the pharmacy chain has not changed at all in the last 100 years. In addition, remote sale of drugs was prohibited by law. This means that legally building an online pharmacy is almost impossible.

In simple terms, quarantine has long reviewed outdated standards for the sale of drugs. The cabinet revised the law and introduced a temporary permit for the remote sale of drugs, barring appropriate restrictions.

Targeted distribution does not apply to drugs from the list of drugs, narcotics, list of drugs, toxins or toxins, as well as drugs that require special storage and transport conditions.

As chief Yuri Goncharov told the editorial board, from the first weeks of quarantine the team actually started working seven days a week.

Yuri Goncharov
Head of

Ukrainians first met such an innovation with suspicion – it was difficult for many to believe that services could be free.

Free Cheese in a Mousetrap? Or why it is difficult for Ukrainians to believe altruism during an epidemic?

The first week of targeted deliveries for the pharmacy was difficult – people appeared to be in disbelief at the opportunity to receive the drug, for example, via Nova Poshta, without paying anything for delivery.

Marketing director said that in the first days after launch, the company received hundreds of questions as to whether the cost of courier services was included in the price of the goods and whether the courier would require payment. “At some point, we started answering all messages and calls in style” Hello, we have really free shipping! My name is Alina, I am listening to you. “

Organizing free distribution was not a marketing ploy or a way to make a profit. Furthermore, this venture is more unprofitable than profitable. for The teams This was the only way for people not to risk their health and not leave a place of self-isolation.

When the pharmacy banned free shipping, trust began to grow. First, the service began to operate with a clear timeframe – only for the duration of the quarantine. Secondly, the site has specific conditions for the provision of free distribution. Third, restrictions on the list of drugs that can be obtained via courier service have become more noticeable – does not deliver drugs through the delivery service, with strict temperature conditions of storage and transportation A prescription or compliance is required (such drugs can be ordered with delivery in one. From the pharmacy’s offline pharmacies). Fourth, there were positive reviews from customers who had already taken advantage of free delivery, were satisfied and were personally convinced that there was no catch.

Is free shipping paid?

Initially, the idea of ​​making delivery free was born in to provide medicines for those who are forced to stay at home. Of course, the idea was not profitable, but profit-making was not the goal.

The company has committed to pay all postal and courier services. If only about a hundred customers had used it the day delivery was initiated, today more than half of customers buy goods in this way.

Such altruism is due to a desire to change the concept of modern pharmacy. The quarantine became an opportunity for the team and it became a way to further the competitors to change the market outlook for doing business and to raise the service to a higher level for all the residents of the country.

And what will happen after quarantine? Drugs and medical supplies continue to be provided free of charge throughout Ukraine. Since the dilution of quarantine (from 1 June), the conditions for receiving free delivery have changed – it is now available for all orders in the amount of 91 hryvnias.

The team has announced plans to launch a loyalty program and a plan in the coming days to organize a competition to choose its name among Facebook customers. So one of the advantages of their loyalty program will be free distribution for the first 1000 registered customers by the end of the year. This trend lasts longer than quarantine.

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