How coronoviruses have affected online communication: new data


Which communication channels do users prefer during quarantine?

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As a result of the crisis caused by coronaviruses, social networks and instant messengers have increased in popularity in the world. So, according to new figures from consulting company Kantar, the usage of WhatsApp application has increased by 40%. In addition, growth rates in countries that are already in the later stages of the epidemic range from 51% or more. For example, WhatsApp usage in Spain increased by 76%.

The Kantar study was conducted from 14 to 25 March and is based on a survey of over 25 thousand consumers in 30 markets. This shows that the increase in usage was greatest in the age group of 18 to 34 years. Apart from WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram also showed a 40% increase in this age group. Among other applications, whose popularity grew amid the epidemic, Chinese instant messengers WeChat and Weibo – they began to be used more than 58% of the time.

Kantar survey participants stated that despite the successes, they did not rely on news about coronovirus, which is distributed through social networks and instant messengers. 58% and 48% of the respondents preferred websites of national news channels and government agencies as sources of information about Kovid-19. Meanwhile, social media platforms considered only 11% of consumers to be “trustworthy”.

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Earlier, we wrote that experts have named the areas that drive and increase profits during an epidemic. Thus, strict quarantine measures in many countries increased Internet traffic by 50–70%, and in some countries, for example, in Italy, traffic increased by 90%. Naturally, some areas of online business are seeing revenue growth. Streaming services such as Netflix and Disney + grew by 12%. Quarantine will also benefit from the online commerce sector, whose revenue will grow by $ 175 billion – a 5% increase.

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