How COVID-19 changes in income of freelancers in Ukraine and the world: report


Ukrainian freelancers felt less impact of the epidemic than their foreign counterparts

How coronoviruses have changed the income of freelancers in Ukraine and the world: report

The coronovirus epidemic negatively affected the global economy. At the same time, the situation remains relatively stable for freelancers, as is evident from Pioneer’s new report on the state of the freelance market in Ukraine and the world. For the study, more than a thousand freelancers from more than 100 countries were interviewed.

40% of respondents believe that demand for their services is the same or has increased. At the same time, 32% stated that in light of the spread of coronaviruses, the number of new orders has decreased significantly. Experts consider this situation short-term in the market and directly dependent on the epidemic.

Ukraine is today considered one of the fastest growing outsourcing centers in the world. There has been a significant decrease in demand for 53% of freelancers serving clients in North America and Europe. In Asia and Australia, demand for freelance services has declined slightly: 45% of respondents report a decline.

Ukrainian freelancers felt less impacted by the epidemic than their foreign counterparts. 56% of Ukrainian freelancers reported that the demand for their North American customers had either increased or remained; And 50% said the number of orders from Europe did not decrease.

According to Payoneer, worldwide freelance hourly rates remain stable despite the crisis. Nearly three quarters of those polled say their hourly rates have remained unchanged during this period.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Remember that journalists learned from experts what to expect from salary in the future, as a result – most predicts a reduction in wages for employees in the second quarter.

Oleg Pendzin, member of the Economic Discussion Club, expects a sharp drop in salary – more than 12% of the current average of 10,847 UAH, or up to 9,500 UAH. Downtime in the production and service sectors may be triggered by low average wage quarantine.

The head of the analytics department at the foreign exchange club Andrey Shevchishin believes that due to unemployment, which can last up to two months, people will get about 2/3 of their salary, or less than 8 thousand UAH, provided that in the quarter. Be a nominal increase. About one thousand hryvnias, up to 11 800 UAH. Civil servants will be particularly affected by which the state will cut surcharges and increase salaries.

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