How Cynical This Deception – MP Goncharenko Found Zelensky Guilty of Lying



MEP Oleksiy Goncharenko said that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky had broken his promise and had to resign. Goncharenko recalled the head of state’s words that he would be ready to resign if a member of his team was involved in a corruption scandal.

Alexey Goncharenko
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This is reported by the NPF, referring to Youtube-people’s deputy channel.

The MEP believes that it is time for the head of state, Vladimir Zelensky, to resign. According to him, Zelensky did not keep his election promise – he did not fight corruption in the country. Goncharenko drew attention to the fact that the head of state for the year of his presidency had only met an anti-corruption committee once.

Goncharenko said that when Zelensky came to power, people close to the oligarchs began to be appointed to senior positions in public companies. Also, the member did not forget the scandal with the brother of the head of the presidential office.

“In my opinion, I have not tried to overcome corruption. But, he headed. With Ermak, with the “servants of the people”. We can only say how cynical this deception was, “said the MP.

According to Goncharenko, “It is time for Zelensky to plant his and sit down, but the head of state will not have the courage to do so.”

Earlier, we reported that Goncharenko had warned Zelensky because of the searches in Chornovol.

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