How demand for services has changed during quarantine: a study


Ukrainians build more during quarantine, but less repair

Construction, Repair and Financial Services: How Demand for Services Has Changed During Quarantine. Photo: JustCell, an online service ordering service, conducted market research under quarantine measures. According to data collected by the company, the business services sector first suffered from quarantine – in March and April, accountants, lawyers, financiers and human resources received 30% fewer orders than in February.

Presumably, the population had more time for homework – artisans and cleaners were ordered 14% less than before. In addition, the Ukrainians decided to postpone the order to repair the furniture – a 26% decrease in demand compared to February.

To increase orders, delivery of products increased 5-fold, drugs – 4, at the same time, simulator repairs began to be ordered 3 times more often.

But the demand for construction work increased by 23% compared to February, but it is almost three times less than the pace of the previous year. Demand for finishing works declined slightly. Around February levels, there were orders to repair equipment and cars. Demand for warehouse services remains.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Recall that during the quarantine period the expenses of Ukrainians varied depending on the area of ​​residence. Therefore, 30% of the residents of villages and urban settlements said that their spending had increased. At the same time, 34% of urban residents noted that their spending was reduced.

According to the data, 27.7% of Ukrainians started spending more during the quarantine period. At the same time, 26% of respondents said that their expenses, in contrast, decreased slightly. A significant increase in expenses was noted by 13.5% of the respondents, a significant decrease – 16.1%. In addition, 60% of respondents stated that their accumulation would not last more than a month, or that they did not have at all.

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