How did coronacrosis affect technology


Coronacris affected all areas and fundamentally changed people’s lives


In front of our eyes, the foundation that was being built for decades is now collapsing. Coronacris affected absolutely all areas and fundamentally changed people’s lives. Americans, for example, compare the scale of what is happening now with the financial crisis of 2008 or 9/11 – these events have changed society in the long run. At the end of the coronovirus and quarantine epidemic, a lot also changes: how people travel, what they buy, how to ensure safety, what technologies are used.

POLITICO magazine analyzed the impact of the coronary crisis in various industries based on expert comments. Let us see how technology will change under the influence of a new reality.

Online tool development bottlenecks will be eliminated

COVID-19 will remove any artificial barriers that hinder the transition of all major online activities. Of course, not everything can become virtual. But in many areas of our lives, the introduction of truly useful online tools has been slowed down by influential players, who often work with bureaucrats.

For example, telemedicine. Recently, there has been a real boom. But regulation can disrupt the process for many more years. There was a need for healthcare providers to be allowed to use the same equipment that other people use for communication every day.

Another area is distance education. Whatever opposition there is over the years between politicians and teacher unions has at one point become a necessity. Before the start of the next school year, many families will find that they prefer full or partial home schooling for their children. Many students will not want to return to their dorm room (often expensive too), leading to large-scale changes in an area that has long been ready for innovation.

In most countries of the world, students and school children switched to distance education due to quarantine. Photo:

Likewise, with remote work. Not all professionals can go online. But during quarantine the vast majority of workers will understand that instead of a tie in the office and a one-hour trip, you can simply download several applications and work in a normal environment at home. It turned out that a large number of meetings, classes, meetings can be conducted online. Once companies manage all remote processes, denying employees the opportunity to work at home will be more difficult and more expensive.

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Healthy digital life

We are now spending more time in the virtual world than before. It is time to think about what kind of society we are building there. From the first days of quarantine, we saw inspiring examples. Musicians give online concerts while maintaining a cheerful spirit. Broadway directors urged everyone to send a recording of their performance. Entrepreneurs record pitches. Yoga instructors conduct free classes. The most famous museums in the world conduct online tours. It is a completely different virtual life, and not just creating an avatar in social networks or dedicating free time to video games. Everyone can ask themselves – what can I give to people? What useful experience can I share?

Virtual reality – a tool for freedom from loneliness

And although virtual reality began to develop long before coronacrosis, it was reported how VR tools could be useful in situations of forced isolation. By the next outbreak of the virus (and scientists say it certainly will be) we will adapt more accurately than virtual reality. In particular we are talking about VR programs that will help with the socialization and mental health of those who are forced to separate themselves. Imagine that you put on glasses and find yourself in the rally room at work or in the classroom in school.

Virtual reality technology is coming back again. Photo:

Quarantine will radically change all areas of our lives. We will again appreciate everything that was previously familiar, but is now inaccessible. We will discover a lot on the other side in virtual life. The level of technological development in the 21st century allows you to organize many processes remotely. It is already clear that the coronary crisis has become a shock event for the whole world.


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