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COVID-19 epidemic paralyzes regular flights, according to head of postal operator

Will Ukraspata change tariffs due to quarantine – a comment by Smalensky. Photo:

Despite a 2-3-fold increase in spending, the Ukrposhta board decided not to stop sending parcels from Ukraine and increased tariffs. This was announced by the head of postal operator Igor Smelyanski on his page on Facebook.

According to Smalenski, the decision is linked to the individual needs of citizens, along with the importance of ensuring exports for small and medium-sized businesses.

Igor Smilanski
CEO rapture

He said that the coronavirus epidemic “paralyzed” regular air traffic, which ensured mail delivery to various countries.

Igor Smilanski
CEO rapture

Smlynski said that Ukrosta plans to use other routes for delivery of parcels to ensure regular freight traffic to Europe and the United States. The head of the postal company said that currently there are regular land routes to Moldova, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and other countries close to Ukraine.

It is noted that, thanks to the partners, Ukropsta continues to ship to major countries in Latin America, Africa and Oceania. At the same time, as Smlynski stated, the direction of Australia and the small island states remains “problematic”.

According to Smelyansky, transit times between Ukraine and the customs of destination countries can range from 2 days to 2 weeks with “odd transit cases” of 3-4 weeks. However, as the head of Ukrposhta said, cargo airlines cease operations in April and delivery time will be reduced.

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We previously wrote that Ukrposhta, along with other postal service providers, would be able to deliver drugs and related products to consumers. The exceptions are drugs that require special storage conditions, or which are on the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, as well as potent and toxic drugs.

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