How do banks quarantine


89% of branches and 97% of ATMs serve customers



Banks, like many other enterprises in the country, are slowly returning to their normal lives. More and more branches are operating as usual and ATMs, which had limited access, are ready to serve customers. about this Inform NBU.

If the share of open bank branches was 75% at the beginning of May, the figure has risen to 89% today. In addition, 97% of ATMs operate seamlessly to issue cash. “Such a shareholding is common to the banking sector, because before the quarantine started, banks suspended the operation or maintenance of some ATMs,” the regulator said.

How the largest networks of banks work:

  • Oschadbank resumed normal operations of 93% of its branches; 98% of ATMs work;
  • PrivatBank – Around 74% of branches and 97% of ATMs work;
  • Raifsen Bank Avel – 99.8% branches and 98% ATMs;
  • Ukrsibbank – 99% of branches and 99% of ATMs;
  • Ukrgasbank – 100% of branches and 98% of ATMs;
  • Alpha-Bank Ukraine – 99% of branches and 99% of ATMs;
  • FUIB – About 98% of the branches and 98% are ATMs.

In bank branches, additional breaks are made for disinfection and ventilation of premises. Some banks accept customers by appointment. This makes it possible to serve visitors quickly and without queuing.

The National Bank of Ukraine still recommends using online channels to obtain banking services, as it is safe and convenient.

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Earlier, NBU reported that Ukraine’s operating banks reported a profit of 25.2 billion in the first four months of 2020, a 39% increase from the same period last year.

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