How dogs learned to molest us


1. Once humanity subjugated the Canine family, and today any mongrel can bind a person with an eye full of longing and tenderness, which actually brings happiness to man – and this is the result.

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The development not only excluded humans from monkeys, but also enhanced interactional interactions to correctly elicit facial expressions on a dog’s face. Members of the US National Academy of Sciences presented their research to the scientific community in their official press organ.

We go on to study all modes of development in the dog’s fate.

  1. Once humanity subjugated the canine family, and today any mongrel can bind a person with a look full of eye longing and tenderness, which in fact brings joy to the puppy in humans – and all of this breed of breeding And reproduction results.
  2. Until they were sure whether it was the wolves in the process of development, who refused to lure food with such an extraordinary, but effective method, or determined the ability to more mimic the edges of the house The ability to – is the result of a long and close communication with humans. But the fact is: modern dogs have two extra supercellular muscles that want the owner to squeeze and feed the song, but wolves have not done so.
  3. The faster the eyebrows move, the greater the chances of adopting a puppy from the shelter. Apart from such a stormy desire to serve and protect four-legged brothers, no other expression is capable of provoking man
  4. Eye contact is the basis of flirting, and also helps to build confidence and increase attachment. And dogs shamelessly use this method of communication, while mobile devices’ screens have long been invented. However, always remember that prolonged eye contact can easily develop into tantric sex, and should not play “peeping” with animals for too long.
  5. Dogs are much better than chimpanzees, wolves and sometimes people who understand the gesture and body language of a negotiator. They are able to capture slight colors in facial expressions, eyes, hand movements and that is why people are very comfortable in the company of dogs.
  6. On the one hand, direct visual contact can be counted as an explicit request for full attention and concentration from a partner, on the other hand, as a sign of intuition and desire to fulfill the desire of its master. A good dog always tries to look into the owner’s eyes with dumb questions, and a straightforward glance at the answer will tell the pet that it was heard.
  7. In addition, mutual eye contact stimulates the production of oxytocin (a hormone of love, affection and tenderness), which, in turn, establishes an unbreakable bond not only between the mother and the newborn, but also between the owner and the pet. Strengthens love.
  8. Researchers believe that dogs have developed the ability to manipulate people to take care of them. It is human preferences that are responsible for the physical and behavioral changes in the animal world. And in the near future, perhaps owners will begin to observe contempt surprises more often in the eyes of their devoted dog.


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