How hairdressers, cafes and parks work – The Ministry of Health has drawn up recommendations



How hairdressers, cafes and parks work - The Ministry of Health has drawn up recommendations

How hairdressers, cafes and parks work – The Ministry of Health has drawn up recommendations


05/05/2020 19:28


The Ministry of Health has drawn up temporary recommendations on the organization of anti-epidemic measures during the supply of hairdressing and beauty salons, the work of individual consumer services, public catering establishments, the use of areas leisure and the like.

Draft interim recommendations from the Chief Medical Officer of Health are posted on the Ministry of Health website.

Thus, the draft recommendations during the supply of hairdressing and beauty salons, institutions of service to individual consumers, etc. establishes the obligation to carry out a temperature control of all workers before the start of the shift. People with a temperature above 37.2 degrees and signs of respiratory illness should not be allowed to work.

The recommendations also specify that the reception of customers must be done exclusively by appointment, respecting the interval of at least 15 minutes between visitors. At the same time, waiting in line must be outside the premises with respect for social distance.

At the entrance of the establishment should be organized a place for the treatment of hands with antiseptics.

In commercial establishments, no more than one person can stay at the same time per 10 square meters of service area.

Visitors entering shops, hairdressers, etc. permitted only in personal protective equipment.

The business unit must provide employees with a five-day supply of personal protective equipment, create conditions for the treatment of hands with antiseptics and for hand washing.

According to the recommendations for the work of public catering establishments, the services are authorized exclusively to take out by reservation or in summer outdoor places, provided that the distance between the tables is at least 1.5 meters and single or double accommodation for clients.

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Administration of parks, squares, gardens, etc. must place rules and information on restrictions on the territory of the zones and at their entry, ensure the functioning of toilets in the zones, the presence of liquid soap and disinfectants.

Visitors have the right to use the recreational areas in accordance with individual prevention measures, to meet in groups of 3 people maximum.

As reported, since March 12, the government has introduced quarantine in Ukraine to combat the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection. In particular, commercial establishments were closed, with the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies, petrol stations and banks. Work suspended in the Kiev, Kharkov and Dnipro metros, land transport in cities, interurban and interregional automobile, rail and air services has been halted. On May 4, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the quarantine, but as of May 11, the restrictions will be relaxed. Prime Minister Denis Shmygal has suggested that after May 22, the quarantine in Ukraine will be extended, but further easing is planned. As of May 5, Ukraine had confirmed 12,697 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus. 366 new cases were recorded per day.

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