How many fines did kiwis pay for violating quarantine


Soon, not only will the police be able to formulate protocols against violators

Klitschko said how many fines Kiev paid for violating the quarantine. Photo: dw

Kievans have already paid the budget of 100 thousand UAH fines for violating restrictive measures during quarantine. It was announced by the Mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko.

“To date, the police have enacted 600 administrative protocols. For many, 100 thousand hurriarins were collected in the city’s budget, ”Klitschko said and clarified that fines are levied through the court.

Klitschko emphasized that the weakening of restrictive measures will only be considered after the reduction in the dynamics of events in the capital. Penalties ranging from 17 to 34 thousand are awarded for violations of quarantine requirements, and in some cases – criminal liability.

The mayor also said that by now the police should formulate protocols against the violators, but now the process involves municipal services – public servants, municipal guards and other services.

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Recall, Cobmin approved changes to the decree to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This was said by Prime Minister Dennis Shimgal.

“In a meeting of the government, he supported the amendment of the decree on stopping the spread of COVID-19. We clarified the list of items that can work in the categories of quarantine and citizens 60 years and older who are not subject to self-isolation, ”Shyamal wrote.

The government authorized the handling of such items during quarantine:

  • Conduct construction work;
  • Waste collection and preparation;
  • Institutions selling building materials;
  • Postal and courier activities;
  • Dry Cleaner.

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