How many restaurants broke down due to quarantine


Out of 30 thousand cafes and restaurants, only 18 thousand survived.

Loss calculation: how many restaurants went bankrupt due to quarantine

Ukrainian bars and restaurants have suffered extensive losses due to the epidemic. Since the outbreak of coronavirus in Ukraine, almost all catering facilities have been eliminated. This was said by the deputy to “Servant of the People” Nikita Poturayev, referring to data from Horeka (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe / Catering).

“Before quarantine, we had 30,000 catering establishments – from a small cafe / bar to a big restaurant. 12 thousand of these 30 are liquid. Not in the sense of “quarantine”, but in the sense of “liquidating as an enterprise”, the deputy said.

Poturev believes that some of these establishments will return to the market, but one cannot say how many. For takeaway establishments, they lose an average of 27% of pre-quarantine sales.

Institutions that worked before quarantine, working only for deliveries, seem best – most of them lost about 13% of their profits. In addition, restaurants that earned more were able to immediately mobilize resources and continue to operate without losing a significant portion of the income.

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Recall, Ukraine’s Pension Fund recalculates the average salary for February. Journalists learned from experts what to expect from salaries in the future, as a result – most predicted a reduction in staff salaries in the second quarter.

Oleg Pendzin, member of the Economic Discussion Club, expects a sharp drop in salary – more than 12% of the current average of 10,847 UAH, or up to 9,500 UAH. Low average wages may flare up in the services sector due to reduced production and quarantine.

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