How many Ukrainians stop FOP – new data


The creators of the state portal “Diya” shared new figures

How many Ukrainian businessmen turned down FOP. Photo:

The Ministry of Digital Transformation has shared the first data since the launch of online services for individuals-entrepreneurs on the Dia State Portal. In a week, through a lamp, 415 FOP opened, closed at 368 FOP, turned to data on 630 FOP, reports Facebook MOF page.

A total of 2224 applications have been submitted since the launch of the portal. The Ministry of Statistics recommended the Ukrainians to verify these data before submitting an application form:

  • Check your street name
  • Do not forget to indicate the apartment number
  • If the applicant lives in a private home, do not fill the “Type of Campus” in the field

The agency also said that Ukrainians must sign a statement with your qualified electronic signature (CEP). “Any other person (even the state registrar) will be able to sign a statement on the Dia portal in your place,” the finance ministry emphasized.

Paypal magazine help

Earlier we wrote that first began serving accounts of Ukrainian Niobank Monobank individual entrepreneurs. On Thursday 9 April, the pre-order of the service started, in June the financial institution will start sending invitations to the first customers. It is said that service accounts will be FOP currently monobank application, the service “is now all customers.”

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