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YouTube bloggers’ earnings vary by country and length of video

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Many times there is a question about the income of bloggers on YouTube. One million views is considered a benchmark for success, but how much is it in dollars? Well, first of all, the platform has many limitations, due to which demonetization can be removed or simply cut back. Secondly, bloggers often earn on third party contracts.

Countries and video duration also vary. For example, Jade Darmwangs earned $ 3600 for a video titled “How to proceed on Instagram” with 1.2 million views. In March, average cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) ranged from $ 8 to $ 15.

Austin Alexander – A US Navy staffer earns around $ 6,000 for 1 million views, and all thanks to the duration of the video, whose time the blogger intentionally extends.

For Marina Mogilko, who spent the first 25 years in St. Petersburg, a video titled “10 Highly Paid Jobs You Can Learn” with 1.5 million views (at the time) earned $ 10 thousand. Mogilco’s average earnings are $ 10.73 per dollar. Each 1000 views on Business Channel, $ 4 on Language Channel and $ 2.71 on Lifestyle Channel.

The blogger Church talks primarily about technology, his video about the Amazon FBA (Amazon Trading System) has collected 1.8 million views. And the income from it is about $ 30 thousand.

Kevin David is an information business specialist with expertise in e-commerce, social networks and digital business. He tells about the achievements or failures of various companies on his channel, analyzes their activities and makes predictions. His Beginner Shopify video has earned just over one million views. And he earned over $ 40 thousand on it.

In CIS countries, earnings are generally much lower than in the USA. Bloggers often get extra money from external advertising integration, as payment from YouTube may not be enough even for monthly expenses. For example, the top-end Russian-language YouTube, Yuri Dude, earns only $ 10.6 thousand to $ 170 thousand per month for 31.5 million views.

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Recall, YouTube began to ban content that directly contradicts the recommendations of the World Health Organization, as the coronovirus epidemic continues to destroy the US and other countries. Google-hosted video hosting says it will remove anything that is “medically inappropriate.”

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