How much money was looted by former PrivatBank owners: named


The bank claims that the money was looted in the US through a complex pattern of transactions



In their suit against Igor Kolomoki and Gennady Bogolibov in the United States, Privabank claims the former owners looted about $ 800 million. Radio Liberty

The amended lawsuit, which the bank has filed in Delaware, commended both former owners for $ 660 million through the Optima Group of American companies and $ 100 million through other US companies. The bank is seeking hundreds of million dollars in compensation from the former owners.

In May 2019, Privetbank filed its initial lawsuit in Delaware, accusing the former owners of US $ 623 million.

The addition of a new document stated that Kolomiski and Bogolibov initial claims in the period 2008-2010 and robbed of $ 86 million, which Moscow investment bank moved in two offshore accounts of one of the divisions of Renaissance Capital .

According to the lawsuit, the two former owners bought hundreds of million dollars of property in the United States, including real estate and steel companies, thanks to fictitious loans that were issued by PrivitBank to various companies controlling themselves. Furthermore, the bank claims, these funds were looted in the United States through a complex pattern of transactions.

The National Bank of Ukraine claims that more than 90% of the loans issued by Privabank during that time were with Kolomisky and Bogolibov and went to individuals and structures related to them.

Both Oligarc denies all charges and says inspired by the nationalized bank politics.

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Earlier this year, Priwabank said head of the board of Petra Krumkhanjhla if Priwatbank been canceled, then Ukraine would threaten the “capital flight” and devaluation of the hryvnia. The financier stressed that the former owners of Igor Kolemoyski and Gennady Bogolibov have a “real risk” of returning the bank, or that they will receive generous compensation.

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