How much they pay Ukrainians and under what conditions


For one hour of work you can earn 13–14 Polish zloty (83.85 – 90.3 UAH)

Work in Poland: how much they pay Ukrainians and on what terms

In the aftermath of the outbreak of the pandemic, in particular Jirobtechanam received attention. Despite the government’s efforts, many Ukrainians want seasonal work abroad even during quarantine. The thing is that the average salary that can be expected in Poland is 3 thousand zlotys (19 350 hryvnias).

At the same time, people generally do not ask a single question regarding qualifications, education or skills. The simplest employment option requires neither Polish knowledge nor experience, there is no age restriction. True, work shifts are likely to be 8–12 hours a day and on foot, although in relatively comfortable conditions.

For one hour of work you can earn 13–14 Polish zloty (83.85 – 90.3 UAH) or more, but provided that you are not yet 26 years old (employees under 26 years old can earn more). In addition, contracts can provide for a rate rather than an hour – this is about 2,200 zlotys and more (slightly more than 14 thousand UAH respectively).

To organize all this, Ukrainians need 2-3 weeks, so they are now proposing to submit documents. It is also motivated by the fact that a large number of migrant workers have now returned home, and after quarantine is over they will seek work abroad, compete and queue at visa centers. Now subject to submission of documents, they promise to have everything ready by the end of May with the hope of getting a work visa in early June and go to work immediately.

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Recall that during a meeting with the EU ambassador to Ukraine, Prime Minister Denis Shimgal announced the readiness of the cabinet to negotiate with European countries, officially inviting Ukrainian workers for seasonal work Willing to do.

“An important condition is legal employment for a period of 3 months in compliance with all social guarantees and working conditions of Ukrainians. This work will be coordinated by the government office for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, ”said Shimgal.

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