How much will the unemployed have to pay for quarantine


Minimum amount of unemployment benefit – 650 hryvnia


Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov told Ukrainians that payments to unemployed citizens would range from 1800 to 8,400 UAH for the period of quarantine.

The “minimum,” bare “amount is 650 UAH / month for now. But in fact, the actual minimum payment would be around 1800 UAH / month, taking into account insurance experience and other factors. Maximum 8408 UAH / month. Avakov wrote , “How much will your benefit amount be in the range of 1800 – 8400 Harijans? Employees of the employment center will call you according to your data. “

Also, payment will be made immediately from the first day of filling the application and according to a simple procedure. Applications can be sent online without leaving home, after which the person must be contacted by phone.

In addition, working and non-working pensioners will be paid 1000 UAH each, but not all. Classes with monthly income less than 5000 UAH are eligible for payment. An additional 500 UAH will be received by people over the age of 80 – for ages only. Payments will be made automatically.

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Remember that the State Employment Service recommends that Ukrainians should register using the online tool in the event of a job loss. Each employment center has an e-mail, in which you can submit documents for registration as unemployed in the State Employment Service.

Within ten days after the official end of quarantine, you must bring the original documents.

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