How pay scammers benefit from Ukrainians: NBU urged to be prudent


During quarantines initiated to prevent the spread of coronovirus infections, Ukrainians began to pay more for goods and services on the Internet, transferring money and undertaking other non-cash transactions with payment cards. But unfortunately the scammers also went ahead


During quarantine in Ukraine, the number and volume of non-cash transactions with payment cards is increasing. How Reported At National Bank, a special challenge for the regulator is now to protect citizens from payment fraud.

The most popular type of fraud, as previously, according to the NBU, remains social engineering and telephone fraud. In the spring, during quarantine, criminals used a new scenario – they informed citizens of alleged compensation from the state and lured this excuse, personal information and card details. In addition, scammers reportedly make calls on behalf of the service bank and warn of card blocks. To avoid this, the customer must provide all information on the card.

The National Bank reminded an important rule: If you have not assigned anything to the bank yourself, no person in the bank can ask you to ask for clarification or provide information to unlock the card. “If you got a call like this – from a bank or security service, and at least from the National Bank – these are 100% scammers. Stop such negotiations immediately, ”said Alexei Shaban, director of the Department of Payment Systems and Innovation Development of National Bank.

Phishing sites do not leave their posts, and people fell into these tricks more often than usual during quarantine and due to the increasing popularity of online purchases and transfers. Such sites as clones of real financial resources, and with the promise not to charge commissions for transfer, attract gullible users. But beware – the spelling of such a site’s address is still different from banking or other financial resources, at least by a letter. In addition, there is no green lock in the address bar of the fraudulent resources site – this means that the portal is not equipped with a verified and valid certificate, and it is not safe to leave financial data on such sites.

The best solution is to use proven resources, do not click on pop-ups on links received in email or SMS messages.

According to Alexei Shaban, for one lakh hryvnias of spending transactions using payment cards in 2019, illegal actions / suspicious operations accounted for only 42 hryvnias. This is half compared to the previous one (77 hryvnias). And the total number of illegal actions with payment cards, for which there was a loss, was reduced by a third last year – about 72 thousand cases (in 2018 – 105.5 thousand cases).

Alexey Shaban
Director of Department of Payment Systems and Innovation Development of NBU

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The National Bank launched an all-Ukrainian information campaign to combat payment fraud on 7 July. The goal is to teach Ukrainians the basic rules of protecting non-cash and online payments.

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