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How much does it cost to remove “odnushka” in the capital during quarantine

How prices for rental accommodation in Kiev have changed – new data. Photo:

In the past one month, the average cost of a one-room apartment has decreased by 1 thousand UAH, two-room apartments have remained stable in price, and three-room apartments have increased in price by about 1 thousand UAH. This is evident from the data from the report of Lpend’s housing search service, Opendatabot.

It has been reported that the cost of daily rent has increased by one and a half times. So, in quarantine, the average price per night was 780 UAH, now – 540 UAH, according to Dobovo service.

Cost of renting a one-room apartment in Kiev:

0 weeks – 12.5 thousand UAH
1 week – 12.7 thousand UAH
2 weeks – 12.1 thousand UAH
3 weeks – 11.8 thousand UAH

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Earlier we wrote that during the quarantine period the expenses of Ukrainians varied depending on the area of ​​residence. Therefore, 30% of the residents of villages and urban settlements said that their spending had increased. At the same time, 34% of urban residents said their spending had gone down, with Interfax reporting citing the results of a survey by digital agency Postmen.

According to the data, 27.7% of Ukrainians started spending more during the quarantine period. At the same time, 26% of respondents said that their expenses, in contrast, decreased slightly. A significant increase in expenses was noted by 13.5% of the respondents, a significant decrease – 16.1%. In addition, 60% of respondents stated that their accumulation would not last more than a month, or that they did not have at all.

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