How sellers manipulate our brains


Be careful because it is said: the one who is warned is armed

Translation for Mixstuff – Igor Abramov

In theory, everything looks very simple: you need a shoe, Dick has, and you exchange your green papers hard-earned for this very shoe. However, in real life, Dick is a clever and greedy bastard. He will use all kinds of tricks and sophisticated manipulations so that you can buy shoes that you do not need at all, or you have to pay more than that. These are some tricks. Be careful, because it is said: he who is warned is armed.

  1. Free coffee makes us more viable.

How nice of them to treat you a cup of coffee, right? However, keep in mind: Caffeine makes a person more vulnerable to persuasion. In other words, people like this carefully and improperly push you to expenses.

  1. The friendly waiter knows he will get a good tip.

Yes, the food was cold and disgusting to taste – but the waiter was so polite and polite! He called you by name. He brought you a free mint-chewing gum. What the service staff doesn’t do to get a generous tip! And most importantly – their tricks work!

  1. One million people cannot be wrong!

The influence of society always encourages us to act like everyone else. People usually belong to the majority. If everyone is doing something, you will do the same. Marketers are well aware of this, and they will somehow try to convince you that everyone else does just that they are buying the product they sell.

  1. Repetition makes the arguments more concrete.

Every time you hear something, this information penetrates deeply into your consciousness. Carefully repeated repetition of key arguments can slowly make you feel at peace with what you are told.

  1. We see brightness as a sign of high quality.

In the depths of the subconscious, we are still animals for everyone. We are attracted to shiny objects. The décor, polished car surfaces, shiny sparkling shop windows – we’re ready to pay more for everything that shines.

  1. Seller’s Loyalty We think we have a successful deal

The price of these bananas is $ 50 per kilogram.

– what? Yes, this is just crazy!

“Okay, fine for you, five dollars per kilogram.”

– Okay, this is a completely different matter.

Someone offers you completely outrageous terms of the deal, which you certainly angrily refuse. They then make a more “reasonable” offer, which you are likely to accept.

  1. Poetry is a powerful weapon of advertisement

The effect of “poetry as an argument”, or the Eaton-Rosen phenomenon, is cognitive bias, the essence of which is that any argument looks more convincing when worn as a poem. This is how our brain works. Advertising manufacturers all over the world have known and used it for a long time.

  1. Questions with “embedded” answers, or confusion of choice

“Do you want a regular kit or a special premium version?” The seller behaves as if you have already decided to make a purchase, so that you have no chance to say anything. In fact, if you are left with either option, it is a choice between two “yes” options.

  1. Curiosity is not a vice, but it can cost you dearly

“Can I get your attention, literally for 11 minutes?” Of course, most of us will not pass. There is a sales method that involves an unexpected question or request designed to arouse our curiosity. And we hear about the seller, instead of just saying no.

  1. Altercasting – a sales method based on assigning “roles” to a social role

“A responsible person like you cannot live without condition.” Is she familiar When you start playing the character imposed on you, say, a dutiful neighbor, a good mother, and so on, you feel that you are just forced to act accordingly.

  1. “Binding” method of prices

If you are offered any equipment for $ 500, even if it is very entertaining, then most likely you will refuse. But if at the first time they tell you that the normal price for it is $ 1,000, chances are it will be enough for you to thwart your own budget.

  1. Confusing a customer is half the battle

“This phone costs only $ 70 per megapixel. Quite cheap, right, mate? We should take it! “First they tell you something unusual, just to confuse. And then one is completely justified, at first glance, logic, and you find yourself defenseless in the face of a simple trick.



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