How serial killers emerge from “little angels”: 10 real stories


It is impossible to stop a smile after looking at an innocent face, and knowing that tomorrow’s president, artist or doctor will result

Translation for Mixstuff – Nadezhda Vasilenko

Seeing pictures of children is like traveling in a time machine. It is impossible to hold back the smile of emotion once looking at an innocent face and knowing that this child will result in tomorrow’s president, artist or doctor. But everything is completely different with these “cute kids” – serial killers grew up among them.

David Berkowitz, Known as “Sam’s son”, began hunting women in New York in 1976 after leaving the military. Shortly before this, she discovered that she was an adopted child, and wanted to reunite with her real mother, but did not want to communicate with her biological son. Sam himself recalls his amusement at the age of six: pouring machine oil into the aquarium, and then piercing the fish with pins, or poisoning the chickens, and then desperate mother trying to help her pet Watching, but cannot save them.

Ted Bundy, Who in childhood preferred to make dangerous traps with bets on “tigers” that sometimes fell into girls, four years before he was caught in 1978, in kidnapping and killing more than 30 young girls. Was successful. Many psychologists claim that he was surprised by such an attitude towards women when he found out that his sister had become his mother, while he considered his grandparents to be his parents.

Denis Raider – An exemplary family man and an ardent jealous of a church in Kansas. No one could believe that he was the elusive “SPU” (“tie”, “torture”, “kill”) – the man who tortured and killed at least 10 neighbors. He himself admitted that he remembers the expression of helplessness and anguish on his mother’s face, who had once laid his hand in the bedside and begged his son for help, and the image that he had repeatedly caught Tried, killing his victims.

Police undoubtedly visited Odushka, they did not expect to find carefully preserved remains of human heads, mountains of human flesh, and several dissected bodies in the refrigerator. Between 1978 and 1991, Milwaukee Eater Jeffrey dummer Tortured, raped and ate 17 men. The father’s story unfolds the moment when, digging from beneath a pile of bones home and the remains of small rodents, his father saw the boy, as if hypnotized, stuffed his hands in a bucket, a full handful. Scooped and enjoyed the sound of stunning bones.

Ian Brady Along with his girlfriend, Myra Hindley, raped and killed five children in northwest England. At 4 months old, he was abandoned for adoption, and as a boy he could write a textbook on the psychopath as a child: hysteria, banging his head on the floor, and his adoptive parents. Dirty curse on. At ten, he began to practice killing with special cruelty on rabbits and cats. I found a couple trying to mate my 17-year-old partner, but instead became the main prosecution witness.

Young John van geese Grew up in the Chicago bourgeois family as a smart child. He was in good positions with his mother, and the boy’s father, a vicious drunk who suspected his son was getting too big, punched him with manhood. In return, the child resented his father over the animals. He threw gasoline-filled balls at the turkey, and then set fire to them and saw them burning alive. He later told psychiatrists that it was the funniest scene of his childhood. In a simplified use for boys, Unmadi began performing at children’s parties under the surname Clown Pogo, and in 1987 it was revealed that he had murdered and raped at least 30 youths in total.

life Eileen Warnos Did not ask from the beginning. He did not see his own father, as he was jailed for corruption of a minor. The mother threw him to her parents for upbringing. Grandpa raped his granddaughter and beaten her for whatever reason. At the same time, he forced himself to plant a willow branch for punishment. The girl quickly realized that the thicker the branch, the less pain. At the age of 13, she was called a “cigarette whore” at school, as she was in the habit of appealing to fellow physicians for cigarettes. In 2002, he was sentenced to death for injecting and killing 7 people in Florida.

“Chessboard Killer” Alexander Picushkin Became famous for killing more than 50 people, marked the corpse in his account on a chessboard. In 1992, he was declared stunned and convicted. He cited the cause of the murders as a general necessity: “For me, life without murders is like life without food for you. “I felt like the father of these people, because I opened the door to another world for them.” Perhaps the cause of personality change was childhood head injury, a theory that many psychologists do.

Maternal education results Ed counted Did not celebrate a horror film. And the sons’ love for their mother later erupted, when Ed was left alone in a distant farmhouse, and entertained her by stitching her own clothes from corpses from the neighboring cemetery. Dissatisfied and ever disgruntled religious fundamentalists managed to convince their son that all women are wicked in the flesh, and he himself is pious.

Another cruel and sophisticated psychotic bullying mother prostitute gave birth to a cannibal. Having already been caught, the demon shared his childhood memories: “He considered me worse than a dog. Constantly beaten and forced to do things that no man would do. Dressed like a girl. This made me see my intercourse with customers. He somehow beat her up so that the boy was in a coma for three days. And when the boy was injured in the eye, he refused to go to the doctor, which resulted in the removal of the eyeball.



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