How thousands of records of personal calls came into the network


Many personal video calls are made publicly available with Zoom.

Zoom scandal: how thousands of records of individual calls in the network fell

YouTube and Vimeo received videos from conferences held using the popular Zoom service. Schools in the public domain also had classrooms and private conversations of users.

In the video call, voices are heard and the children’s personal data is revealed, business financial reports, the patient’s name and phone number, as well as people’s intimate conversations.

Although the Zoom program does not record video, users can do so without the consent of other conference participants. Everyone should receive a notification at the beginning of the recording. Most likely, records were saved using Zoom services and were in online storage without the use of passwords.

Zoom is a California company that provides remote conferencing services using cloud technology. The Zoom application allows you to create video conferences, online meetings, chats, and organize collaborations.

Following the introduction of worldwide quarantine due to coronaviruses, a special interest in the application appeared. The restrictions led to the fact that many users were forced to switch to remote work and started using the Zoom application for this.

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Robert Cullen, a resident of Sacramento, California, sued the video conferencing service Zoom Video Communications for disclosing confidential information to a third party.

In a statement by Cullen filed Monday by the San Jose Federal Court, it stated that when you install or open a service without the user’s knowledge, it transfers information about it to third parties, e.g. For, Facebook.

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