How to add a payment system to the site: step by step instructions


Step 5: Choose how to add the service to your site

Depending on the type of business you have, Fondi offers various solutions for accepting online payments. Let’s consider in more detail how they differ and how to choose one or another tool for your business.

5.1. What should I do if I don’t have a website yet and all sales are done through social networks

You can use a simple and clear payment acceptance tool – invoice or online invoice. How to set up an invoice in a merchant’s personal account in just minutes? Select “Create Invoice” in the menu “Invoice”, specify the amount, email recipient (or multiple recipients). The invoice can be sent to the customer via email, SMS or any messenger.

How to connect a payment system to a site

Add online invoice

The client follows the link and pays the invoice, and the money is deposited into your account.


5.2. If I have a simple website and minimum budget on designer, how to set up payment acceptance system

For start-ups, freelancers, and limited companies (for example, there is no web developer), Fondi offers a payment button. It can be customized for your site, and then put in the right place on the site. By clicking the payment button, the customer automatically visits the online payment page.

You can create and configure a payment button in your merchant account. To do this, in the “Payment Button” menu, select “Button Designer”. Here you can specify such parameters: whether the payment is lump sum or regular, the amount, you can add additional fields (for example, the need to enter an email before payment).

Payment button

Next, click “Generate” and get the opportunity to change the appearance of the payment button based on the style of the site or the preferences of the entrepreneur.

Payment button setup

How to create a payment button on a site

The button is ready to use. The source code you receive must be inserted somewhere on your site. When a customer clicks a button, they immediately go to the Fondy Payments page:

Accept payment on site

5.3. What to decide if I have a site on one of the CMS systems

Most often, online stores are built using content management systems (CMS) – this takes the least amount of time. In this case, you can easily and quickly add all the necessary changes. CMS systems also provide quick access to support. Keeping this in mind, Fondy provides Payment module For more than 30 popular CMS (Magento, Opencart, WordPress, Simplea, Bitrix, etc.). You need to choose your CMS, download the payment module and, following the detailed instructions, install it. As a result, the merchant receives a branded form of payment on the site.

    Connect cms payment module

5.4. What should I do if I have a complex product and development team

In this case, API integration is suitable for you. With this, developers can make a custom payment decision for your project. The API includes performing payment transactions, generating reports, and monitoring server side or merchant applications. Full description of the circuit API Fondi is available on the company’s website.

Establishment of payment acceptance via API


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