How to add a payment system to the site: step by step instructions


CROC 5: Vibiramo Sposiab Pekdiluchenya Servu Swei Site

Depending on the type of your business, Fondi promotes acceptance of online payments. Let us make a more clear presentation of how we want to vibrate to create the best tool for your business.

5.1. Each solution shocks, as a rule, less than a dumb site, and all sales are at least through social networks

I am going to give you a simple and dangerous tool to accept payment – a free online invoice. Yak Naluvati’s challan for the entire Neil Havilin in a special account merchant? Make “Invoice” vibrate in the menu “Invoice”, a bag, an electronic mail service (aka decile service). A rakhunok can be sent to a customer via email, SMS or messenger.

Yak payload system on site

dodati challan online

To go to the instructions and pay the invoice, and pennies are insured at your grocery.


5.2. To accommodate the system of accepting payments to Yak, as I have a simple site and minimal budget for the designer

For business, scho tilki reluctantly finds a great deal, freelancers and a company separated by employees (for example, a dumb web rozrobnik) will push the Fondy Pay button. आप You can customize your site, and then paste it into the site on the site. Upon pressing a button on the payline, the customer automatically switches to the online payment side.

It is possible to create and pay a button with your merchant account. For that, in the menu “Pay Button”, the vibration “Button Designer” is selected. Here you can enter such parameters, for example: lump sum or regular payment, amount, you can add additional fields (for example, enter an email before payment).

Pay button

Initiation of “Generation” and denial of the ability for the website to pay the pay-per-click button in deposits as a site.

Pay button

yak zrobiti on site pay button

Button is ready before Victoria. Vheedy code, such as Wireimuite, you must insert into a B-Yak message on your site. If the button strikes, the Fondi payout side is immediately paid a win:

Get paid on site

5.3. Yake rishennya bari, I have a CMS system on a site

Naichastishe Online Stores are dying to help Content Management Systems (CMS) – a loan of less than an hour. All the necessary snakes can be easily and quickly in a complete disaster. In addition, CMS-System allows you to express the quick use of payloads. I will see CE, Fondi Nada Company Payment module Over 30 popular CMS (Magento, Opencart, WordPress, Simpla, Бітрікс та in). You have to vibrate your CMS, download the payment module i, follow the instructions and install it. As a result, the merchant will reject the brand form of payment on the site.

Payment Plug-in CMS Payment Module

5.4. Yak winchinti, i have a folding product that is z team rosrobnik

I have an instant connection for you via API by API. З z assistant rozrobniki can make custom payments to your project. Transfer APIs, payment operations, payments on the server side and payment monitoring or transfer of business programs. Reflect plans API Fondy पर on the company’s website.

Payment Approval via API


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