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We have given some basic tips for young parents on how to apply for child care online.

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Soon after the birth of the child, young parents have additional concerns that are not only directly related to the child’s care. We are talking about issuing a birth certificate, registering a residence, applying for help in the birth of a child. It is about the latter that we will talk in more detail.

Parents or guardians with whom the child resides permanently can apply for cash benefits on the birth of a child in Ukraine. In this case, one of the parents is provided support, regardless of the level of income of the family. Currently, in Ukraine, the size of the financial allowance for childbirth is 41 280 UAH. Payment of this amount is as follows: 10 320 UAH – once, the rest – 860 UAH per month for the next 36 months.

note: Documents required for the appointment of social assistance must be submitted no later than 12 months from the date of birth of the child, otherwise the right to receive benefits is lost.

How to arrange financial assistance for childbirth

The decision on the appointment of state aid for the birth of a child and payment of benefits is made by the Social Security Authority at the parent’s address or at the child’s father’s or mother’s place of actual residence. To apply for benefits, you will have to personally contact the social security department of the population of your city or region and submit the following documents:

  • Birth certificate of the child (for parents – decision to establish custody)
  • Application from one of the parents (guardian)
  • Passport and identification code.

However, it is often not possible to spend time in Social Security, especially for young parents. In addition, if special conditions apply in the country (eg, quarantine), then the ideal solution is to register online for cash assistance. What to do for this:

1. Visit the official website of the Ministry of Social Policy (

2. Register using email or electronic signature.

Comment: If you use e-mail only for registration, you will have to visit the Social Welfare Department in person. To apply online without going to government agencies, you must have an electronic signature. A few steps are the easiest way to achieve this in Privat24 online banking. You can see the detailed description of the process Here.

3. Fill in an electronic application for assistance. To do this, specify the data:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport of both parents
  • TIN of both parents
  • Bank account number in IBAN format (if you want to receive payment by card).

note: Documents do not need to be scanned. Just fill in the appropriate fields in the application.

4. The application should contain information about the child, mother, father, place of registration and actual residence, if they are different. And choose a convenient way to get paid: on the card or in the post office. Finally, the system will automatically prompt the Regional Social Security Authority, which should consider the request.

5. Sign the application using an electronic key and send it for consideration. The decision to give benefits will come to your e-mail in about 10-14 days from the date of application.

In the case of a negative decision, the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the population should indicate the reasons and procedure for refusing to appeal against this decision.


Registration of social assistance through AtMalyatko service

In early 2020, the Velmatco service was launched in Temi mode in Ukraine. This allows parents to receive 10 services directly to the hospital with a single application. And before the end of this year, the service will be available online on the Dia website.

«List of services available through Malyatko:

  • State registration of childbirth;
  • Residential registration of newborn;
  • Assignment of benefits at birth;
  • Registration of a newborn in the electronic health system;
  • Registration of a newborn in the state register of persons – payment of taxpayers;
  • Obtaining a parent of a large family and a child’s certificate from a large family;
  • Determination of the origin of the newborn whose parents do not marry each other;
  • Determination of citizenship of a child of Ukraine;
  • Assigning a unique record number to the child in the Unified State Demographics Register;
  • Providing benefits to large families.

The service is available in 10 cities: Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv, Krivoy Rog, Winnitsa, Lutsk, Odessa, Mariupol, Rivne and Zaporozhe. Remind that soon this service will be available on online diya website.

In current circumstances we advise young parents to apply for birth assistance online, because you have such an opportunity. The whole process does not take much time, does not require a lot of effort and most importantly, you do not go out of the house.

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