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In case of coronavirus, it is possible to get insurance, but for this you will have to take many details into consideration.

Coronavirus virus: how to get it right, how much it costs and why you need it

The number of people infected with coronavirus infection is increasing every day. The myth that the virus is only dangerous to the elderly has long been dispelled, just as the myths are about completely free public treatment. Ideally, essential medicines and equipment should be provided to all hospitals in the country, but in practice a completely different picture emerges: many patients publish their “checks” for social treatment on social networks.

Ukraine’s first sick man, Alexander Chernochan, claimed that he paid 70% of his treatment, while Deputy Sergey Shakhov also said the exact amount spent in the hospital – 2 thousand hinges. Not everyone managed to shut down with so little money – Odisha resident Shaheen Asadov paid 25 thousand hryvnia In the first two days of treatment, and drugs were prescribed for the patient Maxim Golovkin 40 thousand hinges.

In such circumstances, insurance is the only method, but here it is not so simple. Complaints about treatment as well as insurers’ dishonest behavior began to appear on the network in large numbers – with some companies directly refusing to participate with any coronovirus patient. The main excuse is that an epidemic is considered a force of force, meaning that it is not an insured event and there will be no payment.

Coronavirus virus: how to get it right, how much it costs and why you need it. Photo: Dialok

Of course, not everyone behaves this way, and in the case of coronovirus, in principle, insurance can be obtained. But for this you have to keep in mind many nuances.

1. First of all, you need to ensure that insurance will provide assistance with the diagnosis of COVID-19, ARVI and FLU. To do this, you will have to carefully review the contract “Insurance exclusion“.

2. Often insurance is still valid Before official diagnosisBut it also makes sense. For example, the patient Elena Romanchuk was hospitalized with flu symptoms in a separate paid ward. The examination took some time, the coronavirus infection was never diagnosed, and all expenses had to be reimbursed by insurance. It is not uncommon.

3. Insurance included Payment of essential medicines, But you need a commodity check (other than cash) to get it. These documents will “pass” for payment. Insurance also does not cover the cost of medicines purchased without a prescription.

4. Insurance will not reimburse an expensive cost Coronavirus testingIf it will be paid. For example, in a private hospital. The one exception is if there is a referral from the head physician of a state hospital.

5. Some companies write in insurance contracts Service start date. Sometimes it can be about two weeks, sometimes about a month. It is important to find a proposal where coverage will be provided immediately, as the risk during an epidemic is manifold.

6. The best cost for the treatment of coronavirus infection life insurance policy. Some of them provide compensation for the diagnosis of serious illnesses and even year-round hospital stay.

Coronavirus virus: how to get it right, how much it costs and why you need it

As for prices for insurance policies, there are also many features. First, the cost depends largely on the expected compensation amount, the duration of the policy, and the age of the customer. Age is usually limited to 65–70 years.

There are options in which you can count on the payment of 10 thousand hryvnias at the time of diagnosis in 150 UAH half a year and 200 UAH for each day of hospitalizationBut without paying for the drugs. Some policies are set to cover the cost of treatment in the amount of up to 10 thousand hryvnias for 300 UAH per month, and for 500 UAH per month to pay 6 thousand hryvnias in case of diagnosis of pneumonia.

Furthermore, given universal quarantine, insurance policies in some companies can be easily issued using online tools. To do this, you need to download the questionnaire on the website of the selected company and enter the passport data of those who will be covered by the insurance. Thus, you can insure the whole family.

An electronic policy acts similar to a paper policy and can have the same legal power. The data is added to the insurance database after filling the questionnaire on the company’s website.

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