How to better prepare for IELTS tests


Italy, like the whole awakened world, is faced with an unprecedented situation that has important implications for all aspects of everyday life. Pandemic coronavirus it radically changed habits, but also any projects and plans: any course, exam or certification I had to revise my formula or postpone.

And it is from this point of view that it would be better for everyone who was interested to carefully observe all related updates IELTS Milan test dates, Even with respect to important certification in English, in fact, changes have been made. But what is it about? What do these IELTS tests consist of? Let’s find out.

IELTS test: what it consists of

IELTS, abbreviation for International English Language Testing System, is the most widely used English test in the world: it consists of one international certification which certifies the English language level of the candidate and which, when exceeding a certain score, allows you to attend university in some English-speaking countries.

Designed by British Councilis characterized by a very high level of reliability and meets the highest international standards for language assessment that exist. It consists of four tests, each of which corresponds to the candidate’s skills section: one Listening 40 minutes, one reading one hour writing also one hour and one hour speaking about 15 minutes.

IELTS is also available in two versions: academic and this commonHow do they differ from each other? Basically, the academic is suitable for those who intend to study abroad, while general education is not aimed directly at those who want to access English-speaking universities, and therefore stands out as a more general one.

This type of test recognized from universities and professional bin orders 135 countries of the worldwhich will be based on the following votes: the candidate’s performance is classified by vote from 1 to 9and the final grade is given as the average of the four grades received.

As we have already seen, this is a fairly trial and structured test for assessing a candidate at 360 °: therefore, of course, is not an exam that must be passed without proper preparation. So let’s find out how best to prepare for IELTS tests: some useful tips and tricks.

How to better prepare for IELTS tests

Let’s see what the best methods can be for approaching this certification, considering the possibility of their application with a certain constancy during the period that begins at least a month before the date of the exam. Firstly, it can be useful and fundamental. take an English course: There are certain ones to prepare for IELTS, but even a common one will only be useful for our language skills.

Then it will be advisable to do some simulation examIn this case, the IELTS website also makes some of them available, or we can find all of them with a simple search on the Internet. Let’s move on to a series of activities that we could define as supportbut it will allow us to trust the language and think englishas much as possible.

For starters, we can listen daily English musicas well as devote as much time as possible read newspapers or even english books; Finally, when possible, we could also watch movies in Anglo-Saxon language. All these are preparatory steps to teach our minds flexibility and somehow to reason in English: for the same reason we could to keep a diary of our days, obviously, to write our thoughts and reports in English.


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