How to buy currency without visiting bank and exchanger


It just so happened that during any crisis or dire situation in the country, Ukrainians are in a hurry to recoup their savings with currency. This is what happened in the early days of quarantine due to the fact that cash desk dollars in the bank ran out. Here are some tips for those who are considering buying currency.

Gold currency buying rules

Think about whether you really need the pose. If you keep your savings in hryvnias, you will not need to exchange currencies in the future and, most likely, will lose out on the exchange rate differential. In addition, hryvnia can be deposited in savings cards or bank accounts.

By the way, you can also manage deposits, including opening new ones directly on your smartphone. In the app FUIB Online This can be done very quickly: In the “Deposits” section, you need to select the “Open Deposit” option, then in a new window introduce yourself to the conditions for available bank deposits, depositing with your card Select the most appropriate and transfer fund for.

Do not panic. In case of any significant circumstances, listen to the experts of the foreign exchange market. Do not rush to go to the cash desk of the bank or exchange and convert all your savings into dollars. This may cause foreign exchange market volatility.

Denying cash operations – Buying currency in mobile application is more convenient and secure. The purchased currency immediately goes to your account, and you can leave your home and do the transaction.

Thanks to modern technology, we have the opportunity to use the option of buying currency online. This is convenient, fast and safe, which is especially true during the quarantine period. Mobile Application Examples FUIB Online We demonstrated that a currency exchange operation takes a few minutes, no commissions, and can be done at any time in a convenient way for the client.


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