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Ukrainian supermarkets provide Scan and Go solutions for the purchase of goods and how to use them – read the review


Last week, Silpo Network launched an opportunity to purchase goods by scanning their bar codes on the trading floor. Previously, this function was available to only two supermarkets and only a few users of the network, and the connection required dropping a request in the contact center. Now, the Vilnokasa service has become available in 60 shops, mainly in Kiev (the network includes a total of 262 stores), and by default, about 75,000 participants are available in the extensive piling of the Scan & Go project.

I tested the service before the official launch. Now I want to compare it with similar services available in Ukraine:

  1. The first scan and go format service in Ukraine was launched by the retail group – the service became available in the spring of 2019 with the Pick and Go app (formerly Picklka) at the Velmart and Velika Kishanya stores.
  2. Around the same time, the opportunity to pay for the purchase appeared in three “Fora” stores, where the pilot paid using a different independent Yocard application.
  3. In April 2020, “Fora” launched the ability to scan and pay using its own application, with the service “Fora Payi” becoming available in a large number of stores.
  4. Indeed, after testing at Fora stores, which together with Silpo, is part of the Foji group, the service also appeared on the Silpo network.

apart from this:

  • At Rozetka, you can scan the bar code and immediately add the product to the basket, as well as make a payment. But even if you do this in a physical store, you won’t be able to leave immediately – you’ll have to wait until the order is processed.
  • In Kharkov, two of the three Vostgor chain stores, a self-service product scanning service, Vostorg Smart, have been operating on the trading floor since 2019.
  • In addition there are plans to introduce similar technology in the near future ATB (June 1, the application added the ability to scan product barcodes to get the price).

So, in order. Each application requires you to log in and add a bank card or a MasterPass wallet. After that, to buy, you have to:

Pick up and go

  1. When you start an application offer to enable geolocation. However, even if such access is allowed, to start shopping, you still need to find and scan the initial QR code in the store. Also, on smartphones for some reason, Bluetooth turns on automatically.
  2. We scan the product or manually enter its barcode.
  3. We point the application to the “finish” QR code located on the screen of the self-checkout counter (short life hack: the same code can be used as a start code).
  4. To make a payment, select a card and click “Make Payment”.
  5. The purchase is paid, we receive a check from the terminal at the checkout, it is also saved in the check purchase history.

The video is short to show that it is really fast:



  1. Despite the inclusion of GPS and Bluetooth, both functions are not used in the shopping process and do not help determine the store.
  2. Sometimes when scanning the start code or just looking for applications in the background (for example, a call came in) Pick and Go throws it for authorization – and you have to re-enter the phone number, and then SMS Code from.
  3. The store where I tested the service several times on different days had no QR codes at the entrance, and they were not enough in the trading floor. Why is it important to have a QR on the trading floor? Because from time to time the application is “buggy”: it is reset to “Scan the initial QR code in the store” mode and you will have to look for such code again. It is good that it is proposed to restore the list of already added products after a second scan.
  4. It would be good to add a default card setting to the application so that it cannot be selected each time for payment.

Play Market reviews also have the following questions: “Why doesn’t the great mess (1%) discount program that works with the application? While discount + credit card is more profitable than application 🙁 ”.

If the application did not have two critical errors, it would be very easy to use and its flow could be recommended as a reference.

YoCard App and YoCardPay or Kishenkova Kasa Service

The test was conducted in the fall of 2019.

1. With GPS, the application does not work, although the store still needs to be confirmed.

2. Scan the product or manually enter its barcode.

3. We answer the question about the package.

4. Select additional offers or skip this step:

5. For payment you have to enter CVV card:

6. After payment, the application generated a bar code which was to be shown to the guard, after which he took a print out of the check.


  1. I would advise not to force the customer to choose a store if his GPS coincides with the coordinates of a particular store. Or add the ability to scan an initial QR code.
  2. If you select the first two points in the question about certificates and points, but there is no bonus, then there will be a screen with the purchase amount again. You can leave it in this case:

3. To make a payment, you will need to enter a CVV code. The customer cannot remember it, afraid to enter to shop and change his mind. You need to make shopping easy: for example, you can tokenize a card, there are payment options without CVVs (especially when adding cards and CVVs were already checked). There are also MasterPass and Click to Pay services (until recently the service was called Visa Checkout).

4. Overall, to buy Yocard in the fall of 2019, you had to press 12 buttons on 10 screens, which is a lot.

“Handicap” and “Silpo”

The “Handicap” and “Silpo” applications are completely identical, as well as the process of purchasing with their help:

If the function is not available, it can be added using the contact center.

  1. You have to click on the trash icon in the left or right corner of the main screen.
  2. You should enable GPS, without it the function does not work.
  3. Scan the product barcode or enter it manually.
  4. Click “Go to Payment” and scan the QR code from the application by cash register scanner.
  5. At checkout we choose the payment method and pay.



  1. GPS again. I would add the QR code at the entrance and in the store, because GPS in buildings does not always work quickly and correctly, plus it discharges the battery of the smartphone (the video shows that it works continuously, and just stores. Not while determining the location of).
  2. During the scanning of goods, the image in the scanner freezes and the application freezes – this advertisement can also be seen on video (this is not the case).
  3. It is logical that if the scanning of goods was in the application, the step of choosing a payment method can be skipped and speed up the process – pay with the bank card added to the application. But the company decided to leave the possibility of payment at the self-checkout counter with a simple bank card. Perhaps this is necessary for the duration of the transition – unless for some reason all customers add the card to the application (in the MasterPass wallet).
  4. The payment process itself – brings the QR from the smartphone to the cash register reader, and then selects the payment method on the cash register screen – leaving you stationary and thinking, this is unusual. Although the normal process of payment using the application in the self-checkout counter Silpo does not raise any questions.

Summary and FAQ

  • If the scanner cannot read barcodes, most applications allow you to turn on the backlight (flashlight).
  • In each of these options (Pick and Go, Yocard, “Handicap” and “Silpo”) the luggage does not need to be placed on the scales, but can be immediately put into your bag or backpack (ie weight is not checked is).
  • Two identical products cannot be scanned – enough to “swipe” after the first scan, and its volume will increase. You can also reduce the amount.
  • Of course, with regular purchases, you have the right to ask to check the shopping list on exit, and this was an almost mandatory requirement at Yocard – the guard took a print out of the receipt for this purchase.
  • When purchasing alcoholic beverages, you will need the help of an employee who is always nearby.


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