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Today, the largest trading platform in the world is 11 years old

How to buy on alibaba

How to Buy on Alibaba – Useful Tips 2019. Photo:

The Alibaba brand is linked to sites such as AliExpress and Taobao. These services are part of the largest online corporation, but they all operate in different ways. In itself there is a wholesale market that brings together entrepreneurs and suppliers from different countries. The editors of PaySpace magazine have prepared a list of suggestions for buying on Alibaba in Ukraine.

What is alibaba

Alibaba – The largest international business Internet platform, which is part of the Chinese corporation Alibaba Group, founded by one of the richest people in the world – Jack Ma. At the same time, the online platform is exclusively a place for bulk purchases, and millions of buyers and suppliers around the world use it. Thanks to the market, many customers, among whom are wholesale entrepreneurs, make bulk purchases of goods for their companies.

The Alibaba website conducts transactions between suppliers – exporters, and buyers – customers, importers of products. So, the first category of users sells goods. At the same time, the export company provides details of its activities, talks about its products, verifies information with additional photographs of goods, quality certificates and other information. In addition, each supplier provides its own terms of delivery. Therefore, before buying on Alibaba, you should carefully study the information about the exporter.

Buyers are looking for goods they need on the trading platform and site of reliable suppliers. The market is characterized by convenient functionality, which allows the client to interact directly with the importer on the site. It is important to always contact your supplier for product information. In addition, during correspondence with him, the customer can resolve price issues, delivery options. In addition, the buyer has the opportunity to provide a unit of goods to Alibaba to determine its quality before placing an order and concludes a large transaction with the supplier.

How to Buy on Alibaba in Ukraine – A Guide to Working with the Site

How to buy on alibaba

How to buy goods on alibaba. Photo:

Alibaba is not an online store. It is a trading platform where suppliers display their products for sale. To find out how to order on Alibaba and buy in bulk on your own, you first need to find out how the marketplace service works.

Key stages of Alibaba ordering process:

  1. on-site registration
  2. Search for products that interest the buyer
  3. Online correspondence with the supplier directly on the site to clarify information about the product, its price, delivery status, etc.
  4. If the customer is satisfied with the interaction with the supplier, then the transaction concludes

The main feature of Alibaba is that the customer does not add items to the basket, but only sends requests to suppliers. However, in addition to finding and purchasing products, the buyer can freely place their advertisements for the sale of goods. In this case, he will receive requests from suppliers in advance.

How to use search on Alibaba website:

  • The fewer the words in the query, the more accurate the search will be. For example, you need to find a robotic vacuum cleaner, but you do not know the specific product model. So just enter “vacuum cleaner robot” and you will see a wide range of such devices. At the same time, it is worth writing the request as detailed as possible. After all, if you don’t specify which particular vacuum cleaner is required (and in our case a robotic one), the search will provide all available appliance options.
  • If you know the correct name of the model, the product, then you must enter the full name in the request. Then the search result will be specific. For example, if you are looking for a LL robot vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning, you must enter a name with all the details of the item – “LL-D6601 wet and dry”. If you simply enter “LL wet and dry”, the search will not find a specific product.
  • It is not worth writing a request specifying the country, for example, “Shoes Poland”. To do this, there are filters at the bottom of the product search, where you can specify this area.
    How to buy goods on alibaba

How to order goods on alibaba: search filter

  • It is not necessary to include the request in additional words such as “vendor”, “supplier” and those that are unrelated to the product.
  • It is also often advisable to write queries in quotation marks. However, it does not affect anything. After all, if you write the same “vacuum cleaner robot” in the search bar using quotation marks, the results will be the same without them.

In search of information on how to order on Alibaba, you can use the “request for purchase” function to find the required product and additionally “don’t dig around” on other web resources. Thus, you can fill out an application that describes in detail the type of product you are looking for and place it on the trading platform for free. This request will be displayed to suppliers who can later turn to the customer on their own.

How to place an order on Alibaba

How to Order on Alibaba: “Request for Purchase” Function

Alibaba seller status

Event description
Free member Suppliers who have registered a free account. Among vendors with this condition, scammers often hide.
Gold supplier Suppliers with whom you can collaborate, but there is no maximum guarantee about their reliability, as information about them is only processed and verified online.
Gold Plus Supplier Premium Supplier. Inspectors of Alibaba visited these companies and checked all documents related to their activities, as well as under the conditions of production.
Paid supplier Suppliers were tested by Alibaba representatives who personally visited the enterprises and were familiarized with all documents and certificates. Sellers with this condition may rightly be considered the most reliable.

Following the line “search” and the various filters that come with it, there are categories of suppliers that differ in status.

By selecting a supplier, you can become even more familiar with its activities. So, the customer will get information about the legal name, status, certificates of the supplier company, the number of payment transactions made during the last minute, as well as customer feedback, the general rating of the company.

For example, Jingao Generator Set Co., Ltd., the company producing diesel generators, is a Gold Plus supplier for 7 years in the past month, 4 customers have acquired its products, and it responds to 93.5% of messages from customers. Therefore, it is important to know all the details about the supplier before placing an order on Alibaba. And to start a conversation with the supplier, it is enough to enter the information of interest in a particular block, and then click the “Send” button.

Production cost

Price of goods is another important feature, how to buy on Alibaba and conclude a deal. You can see that prices are always changing on the Trading Floor website: for example, the supplier points from $ 10 to $ 12. The cost depends on the number of units of goods – you can buy, for example, 50 units of smart watches, or you can do 100. At the same time, the more you take, the lower the price. However, it is always important to clarify the cost of the products from the supplier, as it cannot update the price on time, or the client needs a specific number of goods, and the seller has calculated their total cost correctly. Did not give information about

How to send request to supplier:

  1. First, provide information about you (your name, surname, what position you work in) and the company you represent (company name and area of ​​activity, in which area it is located) .
  2. Then go to the description of the product you are interested in: ask about its quality, size, specification; Tell us how many products you plan to buy.
  3. Specify the quantity of items you will purchase.

The supplier processes the customer’s request for some time – usually within a day. In the event that he responds, the buyer receives a letter from Alibaba at the specified email address during registration.

How to buy on alibaba in ukraine: process to order goods

Alibaba in Ukraine

How to Buy on Alibaba in Ukraine – Useful Tips. Photo:

After receiving feedback from the supplier, the conversation with him does not end. After that, you have to agree in the message center, which you can only access through your profile.

This is the message center that is the main connecting link between the client and the supplier – this is where the question is resolved, how to buy on Alibaba and conclude a business deal. This “chat platform” acts like an email.

Bidding with the supplier company takes place only in the customer’s account through the trading center. Therefore, you need to specify the number of goods and the price per unit of goods, after which – confirm the order. If the seller fulfills the buyer’s wishes, he will also confirm the order; If he does not agree with the customer’s terms, he will indicate his terms and await a response from the buyer. Such negotiations will continue until all the terms are suitable for both parties and they confirm the deal.

How to Order on Alibaba: Final Step


For payment methods on Alibaba, then various options are offered here. In particular, suppliers accept Western Union, MoneyGram transfers; You can also pay by credit card MasterCard or Visa, transfer money using PayPal service. Each seller offers multiple payment options.

How to buy in Ukraine on Alibaba

Payment Methods on Alibaba

terms of delivery

Before confirming the order, it is important to negotiate the terms with the supplier to send the goods. Typically, suppliers conduct wholesale trade, relying on the FOB standard: the seller delivers the goods to the port and loads it onto the vessel specified by the buyer. The buyer takes care of the fate ahead of the cargo. If he does not have logistics experience, he needs to use the services of a logistics company. So, these companies can provide their distribution plan.

Buyer action algorithm:

  • Discuss all delivery situations with the supplier
  • Prepare a shipping document – a packing list indicating the dimensions, weight, cargo name, price, etc. of the cargo.
  • Find a supplier of logistics services in Ukraine, calculate the cost of delivery and customs. Closing an agreement with the company
  • Provide the logistics company with all the necessary information about the cargo
  • Waiting for already agreed item

In addition, you can deliver goods by mail or use the services of express delivery services, which will be much longer and more expensive. However, if the buyer has decided to place an order in one of these ways, he needs to discuss the details with the supplier.

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