How to buy on eBay: Step by step instructions with photos


How to buy, participate in auctions and receive goods from sellers who do not send orders to Ukraine

How to buy on eBay: Step by step instructions with photos. Photo:

American Ebay One of the largest markets in the world, whose main idea is to provide vendors with an online platform to sell any goods. In addition to the traditional sale at a fixed cost, there is also an auction business format on eBay – the seller sets the starting price, and the buyer bids. How to buy and get goods on eBay if the seller does not deliver the goods to Ukraine – read in new material Payspace magazine.

On the eBay homepage, you can use product search by category (shop by category), see the most profitable offers in the daily deals section, or use the search box. After choosing the right product, you can buy it by spending only a few minutes at checkout, without registering on the site.

How to buy on ebay

1. Select “Buy Now”, then fill in the order form: enter the delivery address and the recipient’s name, email and contact phone number

2. Choose a payment method: On the site you can pay for goods using PayPal (how to pay through PayPal, see the detailed PaySpace magazine guide) and payment card. When choosing a payment card, in addition to the standard data on the card, you must also provide a billing address – the cardholder’s address when receiving it at the bank.

3. After this, the system will make a payment. If all the details are correct, click “Pay” (Confirm and Pay)

pay attention. Some Ukrainian banks may cancel the payment, if a double conversion occurs during the payment, to avoid this, choose the currency of the country in which the site to pay is located. In other cases, you can unlock the possibility of such an operation – in the settings of Internet banking or by calling a bank support line.

How ebay online auction works

The products participating in the auction no longer have a buy button. Instead, the number of bids is shown. To buy such a product, you must first offer the highest bid. The user who offers more will be entitled to purchase the product.

How to participate in the auction:

1. Select your favorite product and then click on “Place a Bet” (Place Bit)

2. Then click on “Review Bit”: If the bid was not enough – it will not pass, if successful, you will receive an email with confirmation that you currently have Is the highest bid. If your bet is beaten, you will receive a notification in the mail.

pay attention. Only registered users can participate in the auction: if you log into your site from an Apple device, you can create an account using an email, Google account, or Apple ID.

How are the goods that are not delivered to Ukraine

If eBay seller does not deliver goods to Ukraine, use shipping services Parcl (Works with sites in different countries) or (To receive parcels from Germany) – With their help you can order delivery from platforms that do not ship goods to Ukraine. Let’s see how to do this using a service example. Parcl.

  1. Indicate the country from which you want to receive the goods, and the country of delivery
  2. Enter your postal code
  3. Next, select the product category you want to get, its name, weight, cost, and site link.
  4. You can then select one of two functions: buy the product yourself, indicate the address of the forwarder who will send you the goods or use the help of the forwarder who will buy the goods at your location. In the comment on this item, you can specify promotional codes for discounts, colors, size of goods and other details that will help the forwarder to buy the right product for you.
  5. You can then specify additional options: sending a picture of the goods, checking the forwarders of the parcel, insurance, additional packaging, etc.
  6. Will then calculate the cost of service delivery and service charges
  7. To use the services of a service, you need to specify email and register, after which you will get a forwarder.

pay attention. To pay for delivery services on Parle, you need to use the PayPal payment system (PayPal and bank transfers are available on

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