How to choose a bank card for your lifestyle


We see an example of Alpha Bank’s new services

All modern users of financial services are different. They differ in income level, lifestyle and preferences. Fortunately, now everyone can choose a banking product that will meet their needs as well as expectations. How to choose a bank card for your lifestyle – Consider the example of a new service package from Alpha Bank.

Alpha-Bank Ukraine introduced three new service package: White, Black and Graphite. Let us consider in more detail what unites them and how they differ. Spoilers – The bank’s most in-demand “goods” are available in all three service packages.

Material prepared with the support of Alpha-Bank Ukraine

Everyone will be pleased: what do the new cards have in common?

1. Stylish design.

Card design will delight even the most sophisticated users. The emphasis on color (white, black and gray) and minimalism makes the new cards very modern. Only the customer’s name is marked on the front, the remaining information is transferred to the back of the bank card.

2. Two free cards in each package.

As part of the package White, Black And Lead You can issue two free cards of different currencies: Hryvnia, Dollar and Euro. All cards within the package have NFC support. In this case, the cards can be of different classes depending on both the payment system (Visa or MasterCard) and the package selected: MasterCard World Debit / Visa Rewards in White Package, MasterCard Black Edition / Visa Signature in Black and Visa Infinite / MasterCard World Elite in Graphite.

What does free cards mean?
You can get any new service package for free, there is no annual service fee. At the same time, there is a monthly commission for serving White – 25 UAH, Black – 150 UAH and Graphite – 500 UAH. But, here, Alpha-Bank offers an opportunity to use the card for free. To do this, by the end of the month, one of the conditions must be met: the total amount of the balance on the bank accounts, the amount of cashless purchases or the number of transactions on the package card must be at least the minimum established:

  • White package – balance from 50 thousand UAH or purchase volume from 2500 UAH / month or number of operations by 10 pcs / month;
  • Black package – balance from 250 thousand UAH or purchase volume from 10 000 UAH / month or number of operations from 25 pcs / month;
  • Graphite Package – Balance from 500 thousand UAH or purchase amount from 50 000 UAH / month

3. Increase in cash withdrawal limit anywhere in the world.

Each package has its own monthly increase limit for free cash withdrawal at ATMs anywhere in the world: White – 30 thousand UAH, Black – 100 thousand, and Graphite – 150 thousand UAH.

There is also replenishment of the account without any commissions and there are many convenient ways to do this: Alpha-bank cash-in ATMs, transferring from card to card or using an IBAN number, as well as payment terminals of EasyPay and Citi24 network Medium from.

4. Additional benefits for the “Profit Safe” option.

An additional account is “profitable secured” with the card in the package. You can transfer the desired amount to it and get it from 7% to 9% per year. That is, it is a kind of deposit that can be released in one minute in the Alpha-Mobile Ukraine mobile application and can be refilled. Another good news is that money can be withdrawn at any time from Profitable Safe.

Important: For the white package, funds are charged at 7% per annum, for the black package – 8%, and graphite – 9%. These bets will be valid till 01.08. After I ask them to update.

5. Cashback up to 20%.

Cards within the new packages participate in the reward program from Alpha Bank Cash’u Club. At the same time, the size of the cashback does not depend on the type of card, but only on how often the customer pays with the card.

Each month, the customer receives an individual inventory (from 2 to 7) purchase categories from the bank, for which a cashback increase of up to 20% is valid. Their number depends on the position in the Cash’U CLUB program, and in turn, depends on the cashback amount accumulated since joining the program. That is, the secret is simple – you need to pay more frequently by card and participate in the shares of the bank and its partners. In addition, you can get 0.5% cashback for contactless payments with the gadget.

More about the Cash’U CLUB program in our article.

6. Concierge service 24/7.

If you have also thought that the concierge service is only available to VIP-customers, the new line of alpha-bank to bank cards dispels this myth. For the convenience of customers, the Alpha-Concierge Ukraine mobile application has been developed, in which service agents will help in solving organizational, domestic, consulting, legal and other issues 24/7. For example, booking and delivery of transport tickets, hotel reservations, assistance with the purchase of goods and services, information about restaurants and booking tables, car repair on the road, medical consultation and more.

Each for their own: how do the new cards differ?

Despite the many common benefits, there are also differences in the new service package, allowing everyone to choose a card according to their lifestyle.

White – Card for daily purchases. If your main spending item is transportation, shopping in supermarkets, paying for services, occasionally updating home appliances, and buying mass market brands online, feel free to design a white service package.

production: When applying for a white card, you get a universal financial instrument, which has affordable terms and many benefits for free maintenance.

BlackPremium Card for Travelers. Quarantine will not last forever – one day you will take your favorite travel and business trip around the world. And then you will need a premium black card. It offers such “buns” for travel lovers:

  • With Visa Signature Card: Free 10 times a year – passport and customs control, as well as packing of luggage at Borisol Airport, access to Lounge Key Business Lounge (there are over 1,000 of them worldwide).
  • With MasterCard Black Edition: Free 10 times a year – Travel to 11 Masterwood business lounges in the world, accelerating passport and customs control at Borisol, Kiev and Italy airports (Sardinia, Venice and Rome).

production: If you are a special customer, do a lot of shopping with your card, often go to work and for tours, then the Black package is for you.

LeadPrestigious card with exceptional features. This is a top package of services for those who value personal service. In addition to the benefits described at the beginning of the article, graphite card holders also get comfort services at airports and unlimited access to an individual bank manager.

  • With card Visa Endless: Free Unlimited – Instant passport and customs control, as well as baggage packing at Borisol Airport, access to the Lounge Key business lounge (there are over 1,000 of them worldwide).
  • With card Master card world Aristocrat class: Free unlimited Visiting 13 Masterwood business lounges in the world, passport and customs controls at airports in Borspils, Kiev and Italy (Sardinia, Venice and Rome) accelerated.

production: If banks should try to get you as a customer, you will be satisfied with Alpha-Bank’s graphite services package. For special customers – a special product.

new service package Alpha-Bank allows you to choose a card that will meet the demands of even the most sophisticated customers. From cashbacks and increased limits to concierge service and benefits for travelers, everyone can choose a card for their lifestyle.


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