How to cook an egg with yolk: this funny lifebuoy will surprise you a lot



This interesting way will surely interest people who like to surprise with their culinary skills.

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Funny eggs with yolk.
A culinary miracle, an effective way to cook eggs without the yolk. Photo:

To cook hard-boiled eggs with a yolk, you need a somewhat unusual set of devices, such as tape and nylon stockings, tights, or golf.

Preparation order:

To start, wrap the egg with ribbon in 2 to 4 layers.

Then we put it in golf, down or in the pants leg.

We take the fabric from both sides and twist it like a jump rope in any direction for 2-3 minutes.

Then we take out the egg and lower it boiling water. This is important because, if you dip the yolk and proteins in cold water, they can mix.

You can remove the ribbon before cooking or not wrap the egg at all, but there is a risk that the egg will burst.

In this way, you can cook not only chicken eggs, but also all the others.

The cooking time of eggs does not change and depends on the egg you wish to obtain: boiled, in a bag or boiled.

However, it should be noted that in boiled eggs, the result with the yolk on the outside will be almost imperceptible, it will already appear in the bag, but it will be better for hard boiled eggs.

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