How to Delete Aliexpress Account

Aliexpress is one of the most popular online retail stores. It is originally based in China. It was first launched in 2010 and is a project of Alibaba Group. It entertains millions of online users through its small and large businesses.

These businesses are mostly originated in Singapore and China. It is reported that it became the most visited site in Russia and the 10th most popular website in Brazil. It delivers different kinds of products to its customers all around the world. Aliexpress gives tough competition to other online firms.

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Create Aliexpress account

Online shopping has facilitated countless people in several ways. It makes things available that they might not find on their own region. This opens gate to a lot more great things. For example it helps improve cross border relations and makes life easier. Now you can sit home and use a product that is originally made in the states or in Japan.

Creating an account on Aliexpress online is very simple. It does not take any extra time and is very easy to follow. It can be made from either the mobile app or from the website. You just need to follow the following simple steps.

Step 1: Open the official website

On your computer, open the official page of Aliexpress. You can do it by searching Aliexpress on the browser. It will open the official page from where you will get to the sign in.

Step 2: Go to the sign in

On the top right corner of your page, you will see “Account” option. Click here and a list of options will appear. Here you have to click “Sign In” to go to proceed towards creating your account.

Step 3: Provide necessary information

Aliexpress will need to give some information that is mandatory. This includes an email address that is active and create a strong password for that.

Step 4: Create Account

After providing the information, click on “Create account” to further proceed the process.

Step 5: Verification

After creating an account, verification of your email is important. For this, go to the “Account” option, then go to “Settings”, and then click on “Edit Profile”. Click on “Edit” and it will open a new window. After confirming the email. Fill in the required information and click “Submit”.

Step 6: Shipping address

After the registration, you need to create your shipping address. For this, go to “My Account” and go to “Shipping Address”. Fill in the required information.

You have successfully created Aliexpress account and can start enjoying their services.

Delete Aliexpress Account via website

Just like creating an account for buying products, you might need to delete your account due to any reason. This is as simple as creating an account and can be done from the website. For this, you need to follow some simple steps.

1) First of all, open the official page of Aliexpress and log in to your account.

2) Open your profile and then go to Aliexpress option.

3) Click on “Account Settings” and then go to “Edit Settings”.

4) To further proceed, go to “Edit Member Profile”.

5) It will give you some options from which you need to click “Deactivate account”.

6) It will give you a form, fill in the required information and then click “Deactivate account”.

7) The last step to this simple procedure is to click on “OK” to confirm the deactivation.

You have successfully deleted your Aliexpress account through the website.

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Delete Aliexpress account from Android

Aliexpress facilitates its users in every way. If the services are available online from the website, they have made it available it through an application also. This makes it convenient for you to use is wherever you are. All you need is a stable mobile connection and your work is done.

Just like deleting the account from the website, Aliexpress account can also be deleted from the mobile application. If you are an Android device user, just follow the steps ahead:

1) Log in to your Aliexpress account on your phone.

2) Find “My Aliexpress Account” and tap on it.

3) Go to “Account Settings” and tap on that.

4) Just like the website process, it will give you a list of options. You have to tap on “Edit Member Profile”.

5) This will take you to another page that will show several options. Tap on “Deactivate Account” to proceed with the deactivation.

6) The next page will ask for basic information like user ID. In case you have forgotten your username, you can use your email address to do it.

7) Further, it will require a reason for the deactivation. Choose one and proceed to the next step.

8) Confirm the deactivation and your task is done.

Delete Aliexpress Account from iPhone

Just like deleting the Aliexpress account from Android, doing it from an iPhone device is more or less the same. The process is the same while certain changes of the alignment of options may appear. Follow the simple steps to do it:

  1. Open your Aliexpress mobile application and log in to your user account.
  2. Next, you need to go on “My Aliexpress Account” and tap on that.
  3. From the list of options, tap on “Account Settings”.
  4. Next select “Edit Member Profile” and tap on that.
  5. A new page will appear and you have to tap on “Deactivate Account” to proceed”.
  6. Further, the page will ask for a user id. Enter the information for the next step.
  7. It will ask for a reason for deactivation. Select your relevant reason and go to the next step.
  8. Confirm the final deactivation and your account is successfully deactivated.


Is it possible to deactivate Aliexpress account from pc?

Aliexpress account can be deleted from your personal computer through the official website on the browser.

Can I have more than one Aliexpress accounts?

No, You can only have one Aliexpress account at a time.

Can I use my credit card to shop from Aliexpress?

You can use your credit card to pay online for shopping from Aliexpress.