How To Delete an iFunny account

iFunny-logoiFunny is an online entertainment portal where you can find interesting images and videos that makes you smile. There are over 10 millions users of iFunny accounts. This website can easily allow you to upload images and videos or found GIF images online for entertainment purpose, but for this you have to create an account on this and the problem is you can’t delete your Ifunny account easily 

If for some reason you really want to delete your iFunny account here are ways written below 

  • Open your email id you registered
  • Compose an email to [email protected]
  • Use the subject line “Delete my iFunny account”
  • Write an email about why you want to delete your account ‘
  • Click the send button

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What should I write? Here is the sample mail

Hello (company name) team,

I have an account in your database with this name __________ and this email __________, for some reason I am not using this account so I want to delete this account, can you help me out on this?

Please remove my account from your database and notifications if any



(Email address)

Alternate ways If you want to keep account but don’t want to use that at that time

There are of course some alternate ways to manage your iFunny account rather deleting it

  • There is an issue with iFunny account that it send you a lot of emails and your id looks full of spams, You can just get rid of them by marking them spam on your email id by clicking spam button on the top of your mails buttons or just unsubscribe the mail by clicking unsubscribe link given at the bottom of your email id
  • If you want to delete your account just because you are receiving too many notifications from iFunny you just have to change the notification setting of your phone

You can follow these following steps

  • Open Setting 
  • Open Notifications
  • Scroll down to the app you want to close notifications
  • Tab on it

You can also manage notification by changing Notification Icon, change sound, and other types of alerts

  • If you have any issues regarding your privacy just go to the account setting and then privacy and turn off safe mode

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