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With the active development of online services and electronic document management, some analog to a digital signature was required to confirm the identity. An electronic digital signature (EDS) is capable of providing authentication of a person. EDS is a randomly generated digital format cipher that protects a document from unauthorized changes. This document confirms that the digital signature belongs to a specific person, which is called a principal certificate.

Where is a digital signature used?

In Ukraine, the use of electronic digital signatures was regulated by legislation adopted back in 2003. However, to date, EDs have not become commonplace in our country – they are prepared as needed. First of all, these are officers, because they present electronic declarations – and you can enter the system only with the help of EDS. FOPs use a digital signature to enter the personal account of the state fiscal service and submit tax reports.

Individuals also often require EDS. For example, preparing documents in pension funds, using online services of the Ministry of Justice, fiscal service, etc. (Specifically, for online birth registration).

In Ukraine, the list of services provided online is constantly expanding. Since such services often use personal data, they require registration using an electronic digital signature.

How to get an electronic digital signature through Privat24

In the Internet bank of the largest state-owned Ukrainian bank, you can issue an electronic digital signature online without leaving your home. To do this, follow these steps.

1. Go to the menu “All services” – “Business” – “Electronic digital signature” – “Download certificate”

2. Fill in the application for a certificate. Check the surname, name, patron’s spelling – the data must match the passport. The “Email” field is required. After checking the data entered, click the “Data is true” or “Data is incorrect” button.

3. Select the directory in which you have written permissions to create the key storage file.

4. Create a password for the key storage file. The minimum password is 8 characters in length, may include letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers.

5. On the next page, enter the password that was received in the Privat24 SMS or mobile application. Check the box next to “I am familiar and agree to the terms and conditions …”. And click “Next”.

6. An application for a certificate will be generated automatically. A window will appear with the corresponding message and certificate information.

What are the other ways to get EDS?

You can get EDS through any registration center. To do this, do 4 steps:

  • Collecting documents (registration card, passport copy, taxpayer card copy);
  • Register in One From certification authorities;
  • Center with documents and a clean storage medium (flash memory or DVD-R);
  • With the help of experts, generate the key and write them in the media.

As you can see, you can get an electronic digital signature in Ukraine in two ways – by contacting personally accredited key certification centers or online. At state-owned PrivatBank’s Internet Bank, you can do it quickly, free of charge, and most importantly – remotely.


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