How to get rid of back and joint pain in 7 days: advice from a military doctor



This military recipe was told by a military doctor who treated soldiers with backs and joints who had long suffered from debilitating physical exertion.

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Treatment of spines and joints.
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The recipe is very simple and based on the ability of gelatin to act effectively on the joints, restoring their “lubrication”.

Gelatin is obtained as a result of a special treatment of tendons, cartilage, bones of bovine animals and collagen in its pure form.

This unique product contains a complex of amino acids that contribute to the restoration and growth of connective tissue, increasing their volume, which advantageously affects the affected joints.

Advice from the doctor on the preparation and use of gelatin.

Take 5 g of edible gelatin (2 teaspoons without slide) and soak in the evening in ¼ cup of cold water.

Leave it until morning at room temperature. Not in the fridge!

In the morning, the gelatin swells and turns into jelly.

In the morning you need to drink this mixture, be sure to fast.

To avoid an unpleasant taste, you can add honey, juice, water or yogurt to the mixture.

Within a week, you will no longer be bothered by pain in the joints, back, legs, spine, neck, etc.

It is advisable to extend the full duration of treatment to 30 days. The following course can be completed if necessary after 60 months.

Like all other drugs, gelatin has side effects.

It can give a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, bloating, heartburn, belching, in very rare cases – gelatin can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Gelatin also has an unpleasant taste, which can stay in the mouth, but you can get rid of it by eating it with iodine, yogurt or any other food.

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