How to give flowers: in which cases and why it is customary to give an odd, and in which an even number of flowers



According to the traditions that exist in Ukraine, Russia, France and, by the way, in Armenia, it is customary to bring an even number of flowers to a funeral, while living people only receive flowers in quantity odd.

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Rules for giving flowers.
The rules for giving flowers, each number of flowers has its own particular meaning. Photo:

However, in other European countries, as well as in the United States and some eastern states, everything goes exactly the opposite. It is believed that an even number brings happiness.

So in Israel, they always give an even number of flowers, but they don’t bring them at all for the funeral. In Georgia, two flowers (a pair) are associated with family happiness, and an odd number of flowers are brought to the cemetery “So that the deceased couple does not prevail”.

The roots of these traditions go back to the pre-Christian world. Each country had its own development path, hence the different interpretations of the odd and even numbers.

Paganism and other ancient cultures associated matched numbers with completeness and interpreted them as symbols of peace, peace and, ultimately, death.

Odd numbers, on the contrary, symbolize movement, development, luck, success and happiness.

When you give flowers, there is a simple rule: an odd number makes sense to give up to a dozen, that is, 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11 in a bouquet, and each number has its own meaning. If you give a flower, then insist that this person is the only one for you, if you give three, you indicate to your loved one that you are ready to go with him to the ends of the world. Five flowers in a bouquet symbolize a declaration of love, but seven flowers were given only during the engagement.

An even number counts only for 10 flowers and less, they are brought to funerals and graves of the dead. But the number of flowers in a bouquet of 12 or more has no meaning.

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